Barranco de Gamueta

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Huesca/Comunidad Autónoma de Aragón, Spain, Europe
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Barranco de Gamueta
Created On: Jan 17, 2005
Last Edited On: Sep 12, 2006


ROAD ACCESS: The climb begins at the mountain track of Gamueta, placed about 2 km before arrival to the mountain hut of Linza (see SP page of Mesa de los Tres Reyes, route Linza). You will have to get there from Pamplona or Huesca, the biggest closer cities. Follow the road linking both of them (N-240) until the crossing of Venta Carrica. This is a crossing about (will check) sixty kilometers from Pamplona, where you can find a petrol station and the beginning of the road to Sigüés / Salvatierra de Esca / Roncal. Follow this road (NA-137) for thirty kilometers, until you get to Isaba. After Isaba keep going north (NA-1370) for three more kilometers and turn right on the crossing marked as (Zuriza /Ansó). This small road (NA-2000) will take you across the valley of Belabarce and to the camping area at Zuriza, under the Sierra de los Alanos. When you finish coming down from Belabarce (that will be some thirteen kilometers after Isaba), turn left for the camping area and drive around it until the end of the road. It is not in a very good state, so don't drive fast. Keep going and pay no attention to the first dirt road you will see to your right, before the camping site. After passing by the camping site you will get to see the dirt roads to Barranco de las Eras and Barranco de Gamueta to the right. Leave the car at the entrance of this last dirt road (usually closed by a barrier) and start walking by it. The spot is placed about three to four kilometers after the camping area.

Route Description

Sketch of route to col d o...
Start walking via the dirt road of Gamueta, signposted at the crossroads. A nice stroll of about 1,5 km shall take you through the forest up to the end of the road. At that spot you will have to cross the river to the opposite (north) bank and keep going up, still through the forest until you get to its end. From the beginning of the dirt road to the upper limit of the forest the walking time should be somewhere around 45 to 60 minutes, depends (of course) on your speed.
When leaving the forest you shall find yourself at the entrance of a small hanging valley: the Foya de Gamueta. It is surrounded by the summits of Chinebral de Gamueta (to your left - north), Gorreta and Mallo Gorreta (in front of you, to the east, separated by the big gap of the Brecha de Gamueta), Anzotiello (small pyramid just south of Mallo Gorreta, to your right) and Mallo de Paco Gamueta (to your right, closer than Anzotiello, about south east). The normal route after this spot keeps going up by the small valley to your right (south), surrounding Mallo de Paco Gamueta by its south side. It's just a matter of uphill walking towards the wide col placed between Mallo de Paco Gamueta, Quimboa Alto and Anzotiello. This col is the only tricky spot of the route: in foul weather (fog, rain, snow, you know what I'm talking about...) it's quite easy to split from the route of Anzotiello and keep walking uphill towards the nearby summit of Quimboa Alto. That's not the right thing to do: when you reach this col you must walk (grossly) east, towards the Paso de Anzotiello. This is a mountain pass leading to the valley of Hecho and placed between Quimboa Alto and Anzotiello. The summit of Anzotiello can be easily reached from the pass (also if you start climbing some minutes before it) climbing north-northeast. As previously told, it's not difficult. Just steep. Make sure you take all necessary security measures and use your head. And enjoy the sights!

Essential Gear

Climbing the hillside and the...

No real needs for the summer climbs. Walking poles might be handy for the descent, but not more than in any other hike. Winter attempts, though, should not take place unless the climber wears warm clothes and carries the appropriate gear. Crampons and ice axe at the very least, and consider taking a harness and rope if the group includes novices in snow climbs.


Barranco de Gamueta

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