Barranco de Moya

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Barranco de Moya
Created On: Jan 13, 2014
Last Edited On: Jan 14, 2014

Jan climbing at Barranco de Moya
Jan climbing at Barranco de Moya
The motorway bridge spanning Barranco de Moya
The high bridge
Along the northern coast of Gran Canaria there are a number of rock climbing areas with lots of bolted routes. One of these is Barranco de Moya, a lush canyon. It's easy to get to: the GC-2 motorway crosses it. However, as it does so on a bridge that's too high to rappel from, normal access is by the GC-200, a local road that connects to the GC-2 a few kilometers to the east.

Flower in Barranco de Moya
Local flower
It would be a gross exaggeration to say that the north side of Gran Canaria is wet, but thanks to the prevailing winds, it gets a regular dose of rain and it's lush and green. Fortunately, the stream in the canyon isn't a big one - whether that's because it's small to begin with or the water is diverted for irrigation purposes, I don't know. Whatever the reason, there is still enough water to make it look very different than the arid south side of the island.

But we didn't come to check out the lush vegetation - even though Jan had a close and personal confrontation with it when he failed to cross a mud puddle without getting wet. No, we came to climb!

Barranco de Moya
Lush vegetation in Barranco de Moya

The green arrow points at Barranco de Moya. Zoom in for a closer view, or Click here to view a larger map


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Barranco de Moya

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