Bartlett Summit

Another view of the summit of Bartlett Mountain. The razor thin fin of rock is the highest point and is impossible to stand on. Heavy mining in the area have left a crumbling, exposed 4th class tower that feels as though it won't be around much longer. With plans to re-open the mines next year, it is quite possible it won't. Our route ascend a crumbly 4th class step on the south side to the tower (just to the right out of view of this photo). There was a small notch here that leads to slightly more solid, but very exposed 4th class blocks on the east side of the tower. From there climb to the small flat block inbetween the two fins that make up the tower. You can touch the high point with your hands from here, but cannot stand on it. As you can see in this image, its not wide enough to support a foot. Image taken November 4, 2007.


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