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Location Lat/Lon: 46.26169°N / 13.67060°E
Additional Information County: Slovenia
Activities Activities: Mountaineering, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 7100 ft / 2164 m
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Luzinca Lake and Batognica (2164m)Luzinca Lake and Batognica (2164m)

Krn south slopes and Soca...View from summit
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Batognica is a mountain with characteristic and recognizable "table" shape. The summit is actually an approximately 400 meters long and 100 meters wide plateau, marked with craters, which were made by explosions in World War I.Yes, Batognica is unfortunately known by severe struggles during 1st World War and is respun with military trenches and caves as admonition on absurdity of war. That is why it is also known under name Monte Rosso (Red Moutain).

Batognica will charm you also with an incredible view from its summit. 2000 meters under us towards the west as an emerald tape flows the wonderful Soca river, towards southward charms us the South Bohinj Ridge, towards the east Vrh nad Peski overlaps, however we still see the king Triglav and other giants of Julian Alps. We can also have a close look at Krn on the north and other neighbourhood mountains of the group. If you have fortune with weather towards the south-west Adriatic Sea can be seen. Because most visitors decide for more known neighbour Krn, Batognica is quite a lonely mountain. Those who are visiting it, really like peace and silence or they are interested in remains from the 1st World War.

From Krnska Skrbina (2058m) saddle beautifull made stairs are leading towards the summit. They were made by soldiers, together with other infrastructure, like caves etc. Here is also a known cross and into rock engraved memorial plate, devoted to soldiers of Italian mountain-climbing battalion of Vale Tanaro, from compositions of 1st mountain-climbing regiment, fallen on Batognica. Dated 31.05.1916. Inscription is in Latin. It is on the southeastern side of the cave of Austrian army. On concrete wall behind the entrance are signatures of soldiers of I. of battalion of Austrian 61st infantry regiment, dated January 1916. Signatures: Kortus Josif, Nagy Istvan...

Getting There

Batognica (2.164 mtrs)Batognica seen from the road near Planina Kuhinja

Kobarid and Soca valley can be reached from the south (from Italy via Gorizia, from Slovenia via Idrija or Ajdovscina) or from the north (over Vrsic Pass from Sava valley or over Predel pass from Tarvisio). It's also possible to arrive there from the west, from Udine over the Ucja/Uccea pass or from Udine via Cividale and then over Stupizza pass - these routes are reaching Kobarid and then villages Vrsno and Krn.

Batognica is achievable also from the valley of Lepena from where we reach first Koca pri Krnskih jezerih (hut at Krn lakes, 1385m) and by wonderful Krnsko jezero (Krn lake); likewise it is also possible to come from Bohinj valley over Vratica pass (1803m) and from Zatolmin over planina Pretovc (mountain pasture) by a hidden but wonderful small lake in Luznica and from planina (moutain pasture) Razor ( South Bohinj Ridge ) through Planina na Kalu (mountain pasture) and through planina Dobrenjscica (mountain pasture). For this last tour a whole day in one direction is necessary so you need to sleep in one of the huts.

Routes lists

Descending from Krn (2244m)...saddle Krnska Skrbina
Typical shepards  huts on the...planina ( mountain pasture ) Leskovec
On the trail between Krn...On way
Old artillery shells...Prag/Batognisko sedlo ( saddle )

1. From planina Kuhinja ( mountain pasture ): go by the way on Krn to Gomisckovo Zavetisce ( Gomiscek's Shelter, 2110m ). From there you can reach the summit of Krn (2244m) in 10 minutes and then follow the marks to Krnska Skrbina (saddle, 2058m) and from there by the famous stairs on top of Batognica (2164m). Also a fantastic ski tour!

Time Required: Planina Kuhinja - Krn - Batognica - planina Kuhinja = 5h 30min - 6h.

2. From planina Kuhinja (mountain pasture): Towards the right by the road to planina ( mountain pasture ) Leskovec(1230m), then go by the path to Luznisko jezero (lake) and to Prag of the so-called Batognisko sedlo (2068m). We deter to the left here and the path guides us below the summit of Batognica. If you turn towards right you can reach in 15 minutes the summit of Vrh nad Peski (2176m) - easy climb, not marked path. For the descent we go down by the stairs to Krnska Skrbina saddle (2058m)and from there by the marked path to the starting point. From saddle Krnska Skrbina you can also climb in 20 - 30 minutes on top of the neighbouring Krn (2244m)! Nice ski tour!

Time Required:
- Planina Kuhinja - Batognica - planina Kuhinja = 7h
- planina Kuhinja - Vrh nad Peski - Batognica - Krn - planina Kuhinja = 9 - 10h

3. From the valley of Lepena: By the marked path you reach in 2 hours koca pri Krnskih Jezerih (hut at Krn Lakes, 1385m) then you go by Krnsko jezero (Krn lake) to planina (mountain pasture) na Polju (1520m, water). From there to Krnska Skrbina saddle (2058m) you will need 2 more hours. On the notch we turn left and by the round stairs go to the summit. Nice ski tour!

Time Required: Valley of Lepena - Batognica - Krn - valley of Lepena = 7h

4. From planina Razor (mountain pasture): Go by marks towards planina (mountain pasture) on Kal (1490m) where you turn to the right. Red marks guide us to planina (mountain pasture) of Dobrenjscica (1304m) where you again turn to the right, towards Prehodavec (1639m) and towards Prag (Batognisko sedlo, 2068m). This tour is very long (7 hours in one direction) that is why it is necessary to plan to sleep in the hut.

Time Required: Planina Razor - Batognica = 7h (in one direction)


- Krnsko pogorje in Kobarid, Planinska Zveza Slovenije 1:25000
In the..Luznica valley
- Julijske Alpe, zahodni del (western part), Planinska Zveza Slovenije. 1:50000
- Posocje, 1:50000
- or click here (Krn subgroup interaktive map)

1st World War history

View out of an old italian...View out of an old italian bunker
Reminders of a war almost a...Reminders of a war..

From book Janez Mesesnel "Soca front", concerning occurring on Batognica in August 1917 between 11th Soca offensive:
" pressure on Tolmin mostisce from north, through Krn and Mrzli Vrh is blunted next to some outposts of defenders, that no way didn't come.Italians were trying especially to exterminate strengthened outpost on Batognica and are so dug under her gallery, that her in suitable moment put forth in air. But Austrians operators are for some time amused with a certain to new inventions, that was enabling right evidently to listen in on to telephone talk which in the middle of wire.They are with long wire quite random they hooked their listening device on Italian telephone line and they found out news soon, that them Italians prepare very quick and very pumpkin departure to heaven. At once started Austrian pioneers to take a bath gallery and contest with days and hours started.They aren't with tapping they could find out morer, Italians will finish work sometimes and how they are far already. That is why were hurrying to take a bath to direction, where they supposed, that take a bath Italians.They got lucky incredibly: some day, when was gallery already very debt and deep, is to former digger to break in under pick and before him it was he - Italian gallery!They hit him by sheer coincidence.He isn't in him was none, because he was already certain - only of wire for activating are they pulled round floor. Defenders are in shock: every second can sets off!They split up cables, took out already ready explosive on beginning of Italian gallery, they put forth under his outpost Italians, before they might wonder, to air."

It says, that because of this explosion is Batognica diminished for 3m !!

If you are perhaps interested more for the history of World War I, visit Kobarid museum, which got the museum prize of Council of Europe for the year 1993 (click here) or MUZEJSKA ZBIRKA ( museum collection ) "Batognice" , Dreznica 22a ( in centre of village Dreznica ), tel: +386 (0)5/384 86 01 ( private collection )

Panorama from summit

Panorama from..View from summit

Red Tape

Vrh nad Peski from BatognicaVrh nad Peski from summit
Luznici ValleyLuznica lake
The entire range of Batognica is in Triglav national park and also a cultural heritage of Slovenia. There are no restraints practically. We beg you,that you keep nature intact, don't tear flowers and if you find remains of weapon leave them there for your safety. Garbages also don't fit on mountains ;-)

When To Climb

Krn south slopesKrn south slopes

Batognica can be climbed over the whole year. In winter it is necessary to be careful, because of the possibility of avalanches or iced slopes. Unannounced thunderstorms or fog need a necessary precaution also in summer. For lovers of ski mountaineering the best time is in April and May, to admire flora the best time is in June and July. In August it is very hot on the western slope.


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Huts & Camping

- hut Gomisckovo zavetisce, 2110m ( below summit of Krn )- bivouac near
- hut pri Krnskih jezerih, 1385m - bivouac near
- hut Dom Klementa Juga, 700m ( in valley of Lepena )
- Kamp Koren Kobarid
- Kamp "Klin" Lepena
- Accomodations in villages Krn and Vrsno



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