Bear Creek Spire N & NE Ridge North Arete head on, and far below the route (Photo Topo)

August 22, 2010 - NE Ridge & North Arete of Bear Creek Spire. Green lines are variations. Those linking up the NE Ridge with the N Arete are ones I accidentally climbed before returning to the proper NE Ridge route.

This view is of the North Arete head on, and far below the route.

North Arete from the side, nearly level with route top (Supercomposite)

North Arete from 3/4 perspective somewhat below route base.

North Arete from head on, nearly level with route base.

North Arete info is referenced from SuperTopo & photos from other perspectives. I have only climbed the NE Ridge so far, so my line is based on my best interpretation of the hand drawn topo.

This is a high resolution photo. Click to enlarge and see the detail.


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