Bears Ear East (UT)

Bears Ear East (UT)

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A place for some pics

On July 29th, my son in law and I made a visit to the top of Bears Ear East.
The weather was threatening the whole time and we had even been warned by the ranger at Natural Bridges National Monument to not go up there since it was supposed to pour rain during the evening and into the morning. Well, the evening rain never happened so we took a chance with the idea of the first raindrop would make us run for lower ground (in our truck) since the roads up there are red clay and no place to be when wet. The ranger went so far as to tell us that it would cost at least one thousand dollars to get a tow off the mountain if we got stuck in the mud.

Since almost every picture I took is under dark skies or threatening skies, I would ask that if any of you have pics of the Bears Ears, that you would kindly post them here as a resource for a future Bear Ears page. I'll post the pics I have that turned out OK but I really need some that show the place off a bit better. The Bears Ears are really a local landmark and have played a part in the history of this part of Utah. Thanks to anyone who can help out.


Blanding is 34 miles away to the east but is the only resource for the local weather (which could vary a lot) Best to call Natural Bridges National Monument for more accurate conditions.

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