Beasley Flat, AZ

The Verde River is one of Arizona's major perennial
rivers and a treasured resource in the central part of
the state. Free flowing for most of its length, it
provides lush riparian habitat, abundant wildlife,
diverse recreational opportunities, and spectacular

The majority of the upper and lower Verde River passes
through National Forest land that is open to public
recreation of all kinds. Fishing, boating, picnicing,
camping, birdwatching and sightseeing are all popular
activities. The lower river is designated a Wild and
Scenic River and offers the opportunity to fish by boat
or raft from Beasley Flat to Childs.

Several threatened and endangered species inhabit the
aquatic and riparian habitats of the Verde River,
including the spikedace (a native minnow), razorback
sucker, Colorado pikeminnow, bald eagle, and
southwestern willow flycatcher. Resident and migratory
birds abound throughout the river and river otter and
beavers are occasionally seen.

In this area of the river, Fremont cottonwoods and
willows line its banks. Natural caves in the limestone
walls of Wingfield Mesa were inhabited by Sinagua Indians. (The Sinagua emerged as a distinct culture about A.D.700 and disappeared sometime around A.D.1450, when they abandoned their heartland and retreated to Hopi mesas.)

The colour of the limestone in the foreground is PINK.
It contains a fair amount of volcanic ash that fell
from a nearby volcano. There are several hot springs
located further downstream, giving proof to latent
volcanic activity in this awesome area.

Taken near Camp Verde, Arizona (04-08-2008)


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