Becchi di Fana from West

In distance: Monte Rosa Group from Breithorns (left) to Parrot Point; in right or South: Mount Néry also Becca di Frudiera.

Frontally from left: Becca del Merlo, Cima Franco Nebbia, Mount Pisonet, Denti di Vessona, Mount Faroma, Becca Conge, Punta Joseph Maria Henry, Tsaat a l'Etsena Western Top.

In background: Western Ante Top and Fana's Beaks.

In foreground from left: Quota 2945/50 metres about, Punta di Senevé, Tête de d'Arpisson, Eastern Chaudière Pass, Pointe des Les Prèles, Pointe de Chamerod and Mary's Hill or Western Chaudière Hill.

During the ascent on Becca of Viou (2856 metres).

In bottom:
Penne Nere Bivouac at Mount Trembloz.


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