Belair - Arête de Pertuis

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Belair - Arête de Pertuis
Created On: Jan 10, 2003
Last Edited On: Aug 1, 2005


Belair means high place. After the cemetery of the town of Abondance, take the street direction lac des Plagnes. At "Sur la Ravine", a little street at the left brings you to Trechebise and to Les Fauges.

Route Description

Just after the high tension cables, a way passes between the farms of Fauges and climbs up, steep through the meadows to La Basse (1325m) and then turns to the right to the farms of L'Enquernaz (1400m). After the last masonry in ruins, a footpath climbs on the right through a sparse forest and leads to a forest trail. Follow it to the farm of the wide alpine pasture of Leschaux (1603m). Behind the little chalet (these chalets are called "mazots" in the Chablais), a small gate permits the crossing over a wire fence. Climb up to the limit between forest and grassland. In the high, the path leads at the left to a little pass near the grassy knoll of Belair (1783m, landmark).
Belair is a beautiful viewpoint over the Mont Chauffe in the north, the Val d'Abondance, the alpine pasture of Pertuis (1649m). In the south, you see an impressive row of summits from the Pointe de la Chavache (2080m) to the Pic de la Corne (2084m).
The well-marked path climbs then up through meadows and alders. At 1980 m, a crossing of a schistic passage means the end of the easy way. A chaotic rocky zone follows. The way is not evident and you must try to follow the rare red marks and the cairns. You are now high in the south east slopes along a ravine (prudence) and you arrive at the Arete (crest) of Pertuis (2162m). A trail climbs up the steep slopes and emerges near the summit which is near on the left.
Go better down by the easy normal route over the Arete de Coicon and Lenlevay to "Sur la Ravine"

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Essential Gear

Telescopic sticks are useful

Belair - Arête de Pertuis

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