Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Lat/Lon: 39.12200°N / 104.9036°W
County: El Paso
Activities: Hiking
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Elevation: 7636 ft / 2327 m


Ben Lomand Mountain
Ben Lomand Mountain - From the North
Ben Lomand Mountain
Western Slopes of Ben Lomand Mountain as seen from Sundance Mountain B
Ben Lomand Mountain is situated on the eastern side of Palmer Lake.  It is just slightly offset, about a mile, from the main Rampart Range.  With a prominence of 296' it is just four feet shy of being a ranked peak.  There is no "established" trail to the summit but there are breaks in the small cliff bands that encircle this peak on three of its sides. 

Most of the broken cliff bands surrounding the peak are a crumbly sandstone not very well suited for climbing.  Although, on the northern side, where the band is shortest there are blocks that can be scrambled up third and fourth class via cracks.  The main trail head for this peak is on the northern end of the New Santa Fe trail, in the town of Palmer Lake.

The hike is short and can easily be completed in less than an hour.  If your plans also included an afternoon of fly fishing after your hike, please be aware that Palmer Lake is now dry due to recent drought.  A nearby alternative to the south east is Monument Lake, which is less than five miles away.

Getting There

Ben Lomand Mountain is located in the town of Palmer Lake, which is along the Front Range between Denver and Colorado Springs.  Traveling from either the north or south take exit 163 (Monument/Palmer Lake) from Interstate 25.  From the stop sign at the end of the offramp, head west toward the town of Palmer Lake along County Line Road.  Continue west for 2.5 miles and turn left into the New Santa Fe trail head parking area.  If you cross the train tracks, you just missed the turn for the parking lot!


To climb Ben Lomand Mountain via the North Slope begin at the trail head parking area described above.  A short trail, which connects the New Santa Fe trail with the Greenland Open Space Park, begins NE of the parking lot and continues eastward.   Follow the trail about 0.3 miles to where is crosses a paved road, Spruce Ave, with a gate on the right.  The gate will likely be closed and locked, but a pedestrian opening at its side allows hikers through.  Continue about a hundred yards up the road to where the road starts to veer to the left.   At this point, leave the road, and head south, cross country up the northern slope of Ben Lomand.  Game trails will take you up the steep slope and skirt to the left of the cliff band to the summit ridge.   Staying on the game trails will avoid the dense scrub oak and some serious bushwhacking near the top of the slope.  A well established social trail on the ridge will take you the the summit a short distance to the east.  Round trip distance is just under 2 miles.

Ben Lomand Mountain - North Slope
North Slope of Ben Lomand Mountain

Red Tape

Ben Lomand Mountain is surrounded by rural homes and private property; care needs to be taken to avoid trespassing on land that is posted or fenced.  The northern slope avoids homes and fences and is not posted at this time.

When to Climb

Ben Lomand can be climbed any time of the year. The northern slope is typically blanketed in snow from Nov through April.

Ben Lomand Mountain - Summit View to North
Ben Lomand Mountain - Summit View to North

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