Berzaune - Krustini - Ekuzi - Gaizinkalns

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Vidzeme, Latvia, Europe
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Berzaune - Krustini - Ekuzi - Gaizinkalns
Created On: Oct 14, 2006
Last Edited On: Oct 15, 2006


The standard route to Gaizinkalns (marked with yellow) has direction signs along the whole way, so there is no need in special description. I have chosen to explore another route (I've marked it with green). I think it is much more interesting, as You can hike less-known ways with no people around. Numbers show described waypoints, photos of waypoints are attached. There is an original scanned map on Gaizinkalns' main page.
Berzaune - GaizinkalnsRoutes and waypoints

Getting There

View from Berzaune bus stopPoint 1, the beginning of the route

The route starts at small town Berzaune (Point 1). Check the Gaizinkalns' main page for the information about getting there. If You arrive by bus, You will see the sign showing the direction to Gaizinkalns right when You come out at Berzaune bus-stop. Pass the road and follow this direction.

Route Description

Houses in BerzaunePoint 2, turn left here
Nice country roadPoint 3, keep to the left, when the road splits

Follow the main road until You reach two separately standing apartment-block houses (Point 2). There is a turn to the left just before them. You should take this turn, while the standard route to Gaizinkalns follows the main road.
The turn to KrustiniPoint 4, keep forward
An old trackPoint 5, keep forward

Now keep going for about 3 km until You see the minor road leading to the left (Point 3). Main road turns right at this point. Take the minor road. You will see the small farm Krustini very soon. It is used to give names to farms in Latvia. The road turns left here (Point 4), but You should keep forward, following the way to the farm-house. You won't reach the house, as when the road to the house turns left, You will see the beginning of an old track going forward under the trees. (Point 5).
Forest trackPoint 6, keep to the right

Take this track and follow it. You will pass the small lake on the right and come into the forest. Keep going until the track divides (Point 6). You should take the right branch.
Coming out of the forestPoint 7, keep forward

Keep going for several minutes and You will reach the next farm - Ekuzi (Point 7). Stay aware here, as You come out of the forest right to the territory of the farm-house. Owners of farms usually don't mind if You pass by their territory, but when I hiked this route, there was a dog running around in the yard. Of course, the dog got disturbed by the presence of the stranger on the private territory. You better follow standard rules of behavior in this situation - stand still and calm, don't make any sharp movements, let the dog to come close and smell yourself. Then start going slowly and gently and turn around every time You hear that dog keeps following You or starts barking again, look at the direction where dog is, but not in the eyes! If the owner comes out to see why the dog is barking, greet him with some friendly sign and word "labdien", it means "good day" in Latvian.
CrossroadsPoint 8, turn left
Entering the Gaizinkalns  Nature ParkPoint 9, turn left

When You pass the private territory the normal road will begin again. Keep following this road until it reaches the bigger one (Point 8). This is the main road to Gaizinkalns. Turn left here and keep going. After some time You will reach the crossroads. Check the sign - it is 6 km to the summit now. From now You will see direction signs on every crossroads and turn. Keep going and You will reach the entrance into the Gaizinkalns' Nature Park (Point 9). It is 2 km to the summit now.

You can come back to Berzaune by the standard route. It is longer, but You won't get bored of coming back the same way. In fact, You can reach Gaizinkalns by car by the standard route, what most people usually do. But we are hikers, aren't we?

Essential Gear

Normal hiking gear, no special requirements.

Berzaune - Krustini - Ekuzi - Gaizinkalns

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