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Valais, Switzerland, Europe
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Created On: Dec 3, 2003
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A much over looked little peak sitting as it does in the shadow of its more dramatic big sister the Zinal Rothorn and next to the rather diminutive sister the Blanc de Moming. Despite its small size it is a most dramatic peak with its North West flank looking large rocky and steep. From the south its twin peaks are visible as is the most dramatic South East ridge.

It is an excellent training peak for its bigger sister as it offers the same sort of conditions but on a smaller scale. The two standard routes up both follow the South East ridge one taking a direct line along the ridge and the other a lower less exposed route. The rock is excellent but there is a large amount of lose rock lower down and in the approach couloirs so be wary of parties above you.

There are a few good alpine rock climbs on the North West flank though they are rarely done.

The view from the top is most spectacular with a unique view of the Zinal Rothorn and its "Arret Blanc", a really great view of the Dent Blanche and this is conrasted by the view the other way down the Zinal Valley.

It was first climbed by the guides J Epiney and J Vianin in 1862 though there is some evidence that is was climbed before this.

Getting There

For the Nomal routes one starts from the Mountet Hut check out the Zinal Rothorn page for full details on how to get there.

Red Tape

None. But do get the rescue insurance and a cell phone incase you get in trouble.

When To Climb

Any time of year is fine The hut is open from April to late May and then late June to late September. The Lower Normal route is not reccomended if there is only a small snow covering.


Yes but stay well away from the hut and ask if you can use the WC.
There is not much room for a tent anywere near the hut so you may have to camp quite far away.

Whats in a Name

"Besso" is Val d'Herens dialect for double or twins and when seen from the South East the mountain does appear to have two distinct peaks hence the twins.

It may also be named after St Besso (a famous saint of the area) but I have no documentation to back this up.


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