Between Comba Dèche (right) and Comba Cénevé (left) 2015

Between Comba Dèche (right) and Comba Cénevé (left) 2015

Comba Dèche

The triple watershed:

a) - to the right or East from the minuscule Senevé Bell Tower or Cénevé Spire (2875/7 meters about, in left margin or West) towards Pointe de Senevé (2928m), Quota 2945/50 meters about, Tsaat à l'Etsena Western Summit (about 2971 metres) up to the Tsaat à l'Etsena Eastern Top (2974/5 meters about), Col di Fana (2880m) , preceding the Antesummit of Becchi di Fana (2945 meters about) and the same (2951 meters the highest of the seven).

b) - in center or from North to the South and starting from the Antesummit 2945 meters the divider ridge between Senevé Basin and Dèche Comba.

a) - again to the right or Northeast the long watershed amongst Tsaat à l'Etsena Eastern Top, Punta Henry (2918m, occulted behind the seven Becchi di Fana), Becca Conge (2954m), Saint Barthélemy Pass (2645m) and Punta di Verdona (2868m).

August 30th, 2015
on Nov 20, 2015 4:20 am
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