Bico do Papagaio

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America
3248 ft / 990 m
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Bico do Papagaio
Created On: Mar 21, 2005
Last Edited On: Dec 10, 2005


Bico do Papagaio peak has 990 meters of height, and the track is recommended for the people with some preparation. Over the summit, great part of Tijuca National Park can be seen : Pico da Tijuca; Pedra da Gavea; Pedra do Conde; Cocanha Peak and others.
Bico do Papagaio Peak is considered one of the classic walks of Tijuca Forest. Had an easy access, This one is very frequented by climbers, therefore it, provides a beautiful appearence of this top. The walk is calm beyond the track is inside the rainforest. The way to the summit demands a little courage and physical effort, because the trail had a strong inclination.

Flora : The original vegetal covering of Tijuca National Park age of primary Atlantic bush. Today, part of this bush don't exist, remains only at difficult access areas. The actual forest is finded currently in a secundary forest, mixed Atlantic bush with exotic species.

Fauna : The fauna is constituted, in majority, of small animals like : Little monkeys, toucans, lizards, hawks, snakes and others.

Getting There

Once again, the hike starts at Bom Retiro square. The first stretcht of this walk, doesn't require any special skills or fitness even though the trail is cut by many landslides caused by the last summer rains. The second part of the trail is different, after passing the entrance to the Cocanha Peak, the trail becomes a steep and demand some ability to manage the obstacles in the way. The effort is paid by the beautiful view from the summit, formed by great blocks of rock.
An alternative trail to Bico do Papagaio is the Serrilha Trail. This is a rougher trail offering a beautiful view almost all of the way. When you arrive at the trail bifurcation, proceeds like that:
Pico da Tijuca : Follow in front;
Bico do Papagaio : Turns to left.
When arrives the col, the track is branches off, and, you get the summit.

When To Climb

Every day is good to going up on the Tijuca's Mountains. But at Summer, the temperature is very hot , and turns the walk unconfortable. The best season to hike is at Winter and Spring, when the Sun isn't very hot.


The camping is forbidden , because the rules of the Tijuca National Park.

Mountain Conditions

Enter in the Brazilian forecast site to plan your trip. Enter here !

Inside the forest

The trail is beautiful, is inside the forest. Tijuca Forest is the lung of Rio de Janeiro.

Bico do Papagaio

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