Black Mesa - 1

While the above map closely represents our route, it is not perfect. Still, it will give a hiker a feel for the way we went and might be helpful to
future seekers of this highpoint. Unfortunately, none of the roads, old or new that we encountered were on the maps we had available or on this one.
I've taken gps readings I made both on the way in and on the way out, eliminating a few of the wrong turns we made that cost us extra time and mileage. Read Scott Surgent's description closely as he is right on the money. Our route varied from his as we parked in a different place and took
a slightly different way in but ultimately our route began to emulate his with the exception of one wrong turn that cost us a mile or so before we corrected our navigational error. We also went a bit out of the way to find the Kayenta BM. I'd recommend that you Gps where the highpoint is, it will help you locate it. See the next map for the remainder of the route.


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