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Ilafan - Apr 14, 2006 2:33 am Date Climbed: Apr 9, 2006

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhk-lahoma!  Sucess!

Loved it! People who complain about this one have no sense of history or appreciation for that county. This one shows that highpoint hiking is more than just X-treme dudes hanging off mountaintops. It's about seeing a part of the country that helped shape our history. Walking this trail at sunrise, all by myself, I loved the sounds and sights. I heard roosters crow, cows moo, and birds chirp. I even saw a roadrunner. I could almost see John Wayne or the characters from McMurtry's Lonesome Dove. This country is so different than MN; I think that's why I like it so much. No snakes, either!! :)


NanitaD - Apr 7, 2006 1:17 am Date Climbed: May 3, 1997

South side  Sucess!

We'd gone to Mt. Sunflower the high point in Kansas, then to the lowest point in Colorado, and on to the high point of Oklahoma all in one trip. I like the summit monument with milage to distant places like NY.


koz - Jan 3, 2006 12:04 am

Route Climbed: Standard Date Climbed: June 3, 2003  Sucess!

Soloed highpoint #17. Saw no snakes, just cows getting in my way! Probably was moving too fast anyway. Highly recommend stopping at the Merc & stayed the night before at the Kenton Kabins, though I hear it's up for sale now.


chmoore577 - Oct 21, 2005 2:17 pm

Route Climbed: North Flank Date Climbed: October 2, 2005  Sucess!

A nice hike in October (not too hot), though it did seem to wind around the mesa a little wider than neccessary adding a little distance to the overall length. Not much view at the top. We did encounter a black and yellow snake along the trail on the return and a rather large black hairy spider. Also a dead cow whose carcass was just begining to deteriorate with skull and bones starting to show through the hide. All in all a very isolated and interesting area.


Cortez - Aug 16, 2005 3:04 pm

Route Climbed: North Flank Date Climbed: August 5, 2005  Sucess!

This was a nice little hike but it seemed to be excessively long. It was quite hot in early August but it was dry. Our dog Shiloh got a bit too close to a prarie rattler and she also hurt her foot at the bottom of the Mesa herding cattle so watch your dogs, especially in the summer. Take lots of water for both yourself, & your pets.

The views from the obnoxious "summit" marker were splendid. Jennifer and I experienced unparalled solitude on our hike to Black Mesa we saw no one, not even any cars until we were well on our way to Raton.

Splendid Isolation!

ChaddBragg - Aug 14, 2005 12:44 pm

Route Climbed: Normal route Date Climbed: June 2005  Sucess!

I dont know if the view at the top was worth the walk in 100 degree temps


grunt - Jun 17, 2005 1:16 pm

Route Climbed: North Flank Route Date Climbed: September 2002  Sucess!

I also didn't think it was as long or boring as some folks report. Hiked early in the morning when the heat wasn't too bad. The easy trail made for easy conversation with my hiking companion. My second state HP.


JohnMcPike - May 24, 2005 9:40 pm

Date Climbed: April 9, 2005

It was a cold (34 degrees) morning at the trailhead when we started out at 6:45am. Warmed up beautifully. It was an awesome hike to do in the morning and hearing the nearby cattle. The terrain is like no place else. Repeat hike, also did it on November 27, 1997

easleygone - Apr 13, 2005 12:09 am

Route Climbed: South Face Direct Date Climbed: July 1989  Sucess!

I passed by on my way to Colorado and decided

to knock off another highpoint. After finding the

summit? monument I discovered a nice road to

it from the north.


splandswest - Apr 12, 2005 9:25 am

Route Climbed: Trail from the northside of the mesa. Date Climbed: Early 90's.  Sucess!

My family and I made this hike late in the day. It was a great experience. Views are nice. On the way back to our car (northeastward across the mesa) we saw several tarantula's crossing the dirt trail.

Linejudge - Feb 9, 2005 5:21 pm

Route Climbed: Main Trail Date Climbed: May 17, 2003  Sucess!

Nice hike, I didn't think it was as long or boring as some people seem to. I ran most of the lower part going up and intended to run all the way down until I almost stepped on a rattlesnake. A hundred yards from the trailhead a saw another snake, bright red and at least 6 feet long. Easily the biggest snake I've seen in the wild. Not sure what kind it was but I let him have the trail. I will post a picture of him maybe someone will know what kind of snake it is.

Steve Gruhn - Jan 30, 2005 5:30 pm

Route Climbed: North Flank Route Date Climbed: August 7, 1992  Sucess!

Easy hike, but unbearable heat.


phillinley - Jan 11, 2005 2:26 am

Route Climbed: North Flank Route Date Climbed: 1/8/04  Sucess!

Wow, that was boring. There has got to be a quicker route going up the south side that would cut the hike from 4+ miles to about 1 or so. I ran it and it still felt like it was never going to end.


paclimber - Oct 13, 2004 5:43 pm

Route Climbed: Northeast Date Climbed: October 11, 2004  Sucess!

Trail is much longer than it needs to be. Ran all of the flat sections, and ran into several tarantulas along the way. The shale cliffs 1/4 mile to the west and northwest of the monument in New Mexico were worth the extra side trip.


jenniferdenoya - Oct 5, 2004 10:11 pm

Date Climbed: August 23, 2004  Sucess!

It was a nice little hike. I noticed on the summit log that a woman who was 5 months pregnant had made the summit that morning. It is a mesa, so once you stop climbing, you get bored very easily looking for the monument marking the summit, but eventually it was a great day for a dose of Oklahoma Sunshine.

bps - Jun 9, 2004 4:58 am

Date Climbed: Sept 95  Sucess!

Drove out here on a whim and walked up at sunset. Saw hundreds of tarantulas on the way back down (around sunset in Sept is their mating season) . It was almost like a horror movie! :-)


hgrapid - May 4, 2004 7:51 pm

Route Climbed: Main route from the trailhead Date Climbed: 4/14/2002  Sucess!

It was a clear day, about 80 degrees. I ran/walked the trail, and got to the foot of the mesa in about 25 minutes, though it was about 2.5 miles. Then I hiked up the Mesa, on a semi-steep trail. I ran/walked another 1.5 miles or so to the stone monument. The monument was really well maintained.


vbeckman74 - Mar 2, 2004 3:30 pm

Route Climbed: Black Mesa summit Date Climbed: March 1, 2004  Sucess!

This is a nice walk in the high desert. We didn't see a single person.


txmountaineer - Oct 2, 2003 8:41 pm

Route Climbed: North Flank Date Climbed: January 8, 2003  Sucess!

A great, crisp January hike on the way back from a ski trip in Colorado. See my trip report here.

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