Blacktail Hill

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 31.95200°N / 109.986°W
Route Type: Scrambling
Season: Fall
Time Required: Most of a day

Route Description

From the parking area, climb south up to the top of the northeast ridge. Once you reach the top of the ridge, turn right and start climbing west towards Point 6241. Continue west along the up-and-down ridge towards Point 6841. You might be tempted to traverse along the sides of the points to save elevation gain and loss, but we found that traversing was tough. The sides of the points are steep and covered with brush and loose rock. It's probably easier just to go up and over them. With all the ups-and-downs along the ridge, you'll have to climb an extra few hundred feet.

Once you reach Point 6841, descend about 80' to a saddle, then start climbing southwest up towards Mount Glenn. Just past the saddle is a rock outcropping that you'll have to scramble over. Continue up Mount Glenn's northeast ridge, where you will soon encounter thick brush. The brush is extremely thick in places, and your ascent will be slowed dramatically. We found what appeared to be a faint path in places, but no matter what route you choose, you're going to have to push through the thick brush. There's a good chance you'll encounter a small cliff band on the way up, but you might be able to avoid it depending on your route. However, it's not very tough to climb over. Make the final push through the brush to the summit, where you can enjoy the views.

Hiking Distance: About 6 miles round trip.
Elevation Gain: About 3,000’.