Blanc de Moming

Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Lat/Lon: 46.07370°N / 7.66420°E
Elevation: 12011 ft / 3661 m


Geographical classification: Western Alps >> Pennine Alps > Weisshorn group

Blanc de Moming is a very nice mountain in the midle od Zinal 4000ers (Weisshorn, Zinalrothorn, Obergabelhorn, Dent Blanche). The mountain has two summits: a snow/ice dom and the main summit made of rocks. Blanc de Moming would be a more considered mountain if it would be not so close to Besso. Blanc de moming is connected to Besso via a rock ridge and to Zinalrothorn via a thin snow ridge oriented E-W. Blanc de Moming is on the usual Besso route.
Blanc de Moming is traditionally a summit for ski mountaineering, and can be a nice ascent for not far experienced mountaineers. It's a nice acclimatation climb too.

Routes overview

Grand Mountet hut normal route:

From Zinal parking, Nivissence valley via Vichiesso - Nivissence Bridge - On Besso west side, mountain path on Mountet Glacier old moraine, then on Besson W flank and Blanc de Moming west flank. 4h30mn.

Grand Mountet hut another route, longer but fine if you want and have time to stay one more night at the nice petit Mountet hut.

From Zinal parking, Nivissence valley to Vichiesso - It's better to not go to Nivissence Bridge but to take at Vichiesso the direct path to Petit Mountet on the left side of the valley, on Aiguilles de la lé east side. 1h 30 to Petit Mountet.
From Petit Mountet, take the new Plan des Lettres path (the old one was on the destroyed 1850 moraine) and traverse de Zinal Glacier. This is not too dangerous with good weather and good visibility (4h From Petit Mountet to Grand Mountet). Don't be surprised if you don't see to many people on this second route.

Arpitettaz hut normal route:

From Zinal parking, Nivissence valley via Vichiesso - Nivissence Bridge - up to Le Chiesso (2080m) and Arpitettaz lake (2250m) - path to the hut (2786m), east direction: total time 3h45
From Zinal to Arpitettaz lake it's possible to take the "Pas des Chasseurs" path, steep and exposed with some chains on the cliffs.

Blanc ridge route
- From Grand Mountet 2888m, take the moraine path to la Forcle 3188m: 45 mn
- Take the right border of Mountet Glacier until to cross the bergschrund and go up to point 3732: 1h30mn
- Descent 800m and 150Hm on the Blanc thin ridge to point 3582m: 30mn
- Ascent the dom -3638m : 20mn
- Ascent the main summit -3661m : 10mn
- Take the SW ridge to go back to Mountet hut: 1h30mn

NW ridge route : AD
This route is used when descending from Besso.
The rock ridge from Besso has some gendarmes on it. They can be turned on the north side but the rock is not of so good quality than on the ridge. The 200 last meters are on a snow ridge.

SW ridge route : PD
This route is used when descending from Besso too.
Descent straight on the ridge and on the right to icy shoulder (3340m). From here, the descent continues on the south side to La Forcle (a path between Blanc and Mamouth). Take the path to go down to grand Mountet

N Face route : D Ice 60° 400hm for the face. A rock part in the middle.

This route is accessed from Arpitettaz hut . Moming glacier is highly crevassed and it's difficult to access its base due to its retreat. Seracs and stone fall s are common here.

Getting There

by car (highly recommended)

Rhone valley >> Sierre >> Val d'Anniviers road >> Zinal at the end of the road

For those coming from oversea :
Fly to Geneva international airport. Car or train to Sierre (Rhone valley) , followed by Post bus to Zinal . Car highly recommended but not mandatory if you don't move at any hour.

Zinal Situation Map on My

General Situation Map

Swiss rails (SBB-CFF) time table

Red Tape

No red tape. Free parking at the end of the road, at the south of Zinal.

When To Climb

The mountain is usually climbed during summer (June to september).


Grand Mountet hut
Grand Mountet hut
Grand Mountet hut in French

Ar Pitetta Hut in Italien
Ar Pitetta Hut in french

Belongs to CAS La Dôle, 1260 Nyon
Phone: 027 475 40 28
Guard: : Carrard Jean-Daniel
Rue Trévelin 132 1170 Aubonne
Phone: 021 808 59 01


Zinal camping site:

Tél. ++41 027 475 20 22
Fax : ++41 027 475 20 23
Adress: Camping Les Rousses - 3961 Zinal

You can find food and everythink you need in Zinal.

Free camping is forbiden is Switzerland.

Mountain Conditions

Meteo Swiss

St Luc Webcam

Books and maps


Val d'Anniviers Hiking map 1/25000 (Ok for mountaineering too)
easy to find in Zinal.

Landeskarten der Schweiz / Cartes nationale de la Suisse
1/25000 map Evolène number 1327
1/50000 map 283

Valais Alps Guide, CAS book number 3, from Col Collon to Theodulpass (exists in German and French)