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gremlin - May 21, 2012 4:37 pm - Hasn't voted

Route to waterfalls

We were able to drive a rental subaru to the first gate without any issues, and probably could have driven to the end of the road, but didn't want to risk damaging the rental, since the road gets worse the last mile or so. It's only about a mile up the creek from the end of the road to the waterfalls, which are quite nice to swim in, but took a couple hours each way, but if I went back by myself now that I've seen the route, it would take about an hour. The first half mile is mostly jungle path on the north side of the river, which more or less ends at a small island in the river. The route is not obvious, and we didn't find it on the way up for a while, but from this island, aim for the north side of the creek about 100 yards up, which will require rock hopping/wading in the creek. From here, the last half mile mostly is on the right creek bank, with some short stretches into the jungle. Other than at the island, it isn't necessary to leave the north edge of the creek. We didn't continue past the waterfalls, since the other two in the group had enough, but at some point I plan to do the second mile or so into the back of the canyon. I was able to go all the way to the waterfalls without taking off the boots or getting them wet, but 8 inch deep mud was common, and if the water had been any higher, I would have had to wade in sections.

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