Bode Canyon

Bode Canyon

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Bode riverBode river in its canyon
The canyon of Bode river is nice and very popular with the people of German lowlands. It should deserve its own page on the SP, but until then, here are only a few pictures. In the otherwise quite low massif of Harz mountains, the canyon of Bode river is a very impressive piece of work of Nature. Its most beautiful part is some 10 km long and up to 280 m deep gorge near the town of Thale, the place, where the Bode river exits the mountain area. The whole area is declared a protected natural reserve, and in the canyon itself and broader Harz area many kilometers of marked trails of various difficulties are built. We most comfortably enter the canyon from the Thale town, in the gorge mouth there are many parking places due to two cable ways. As a minimum hike a 1-hour walk up the river stream will be enough. To reach some lookout points above the canyon, we need to overcome some altitude difference, unless we simply take a cable car to either the Rostrappe or Hexentanzplatz.

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