Bohinj route

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Julian Alps, Slovenia, Europe
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Hike, Rock Climbing
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One to two days
Walk-up, Secured Climbing

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Bohinj route
Created On: Apr 18, 2003
Last Edited On: Jun 22, 2003

About Route

Starting point for this route is Stara Fuzina (546m), beautiful village, around kilometre away from the shore of Bohinj lake (more about Bohinj and lake in the ‘Valleys’ section on main page). Village is placed on the huge meadows of upper Bohinj valley, bellow the steep slopes of Studor.

From Bled lake, which is by the main Ljubljana – Austria road head towards Bohinj. From Bled is some 27km to Ribcev Laz, village on the shore of Bohinj lake. Turn right here, over the bridge, at the outlet of the lake, towards Stara Fuzina, which is some 1.5km away.
If you are coming by bus get off at Ribcev Laz and wait for a local bus to Stara Fuzina or walk that 1.5km. If you are coming by train get off at Bohinjska Bistrica town and take a bus to Ribcev Laz or to Stara Fuzina.

When you enter Stara Fuzina cross over bridge to eastern shore of Mostnica river. Now you can take any street or road towards the mountain (left) and they all will finally take you to Hudicev Most bridge at the entrance to Voje valley. This is the actual starting point. From here you have two options. One is to continue towards Vodnikov Dom hut through Voje valley or Uskovnica pastures, which are right above the valley. First variation is an hour shorter and takes you by the beautiful gorge of Mostnica river, but ascent is steep and quite boring. Second variation ascends immediately and has better views all along but is hour longer.

Section 1a) Stara Fuzina (546m) – Voje valley – Vodnikov Dom hut (1817m): 4h
Section 1b) Stara Fuzina (546m) – Uskovnica – Vodnikov Dom hut (1817m): 5h
Section 2a) Vodnikov Dom hut (1817m) – Planika hut (2401m): 2h
Section 2b) Vodnikov Dom hut (1817m) – Kredarica hut (2515m): 2.30h
Section 3) Planika hut (2401m) – Triglav (2864m): 2h
Section 4) Kredarica hut (2515m) – Triglav (2864m): 1.30h
Section 5) Path connecting Kredarica & Planika huts: 1h

Section 1a) Stara Fuzina (546m) – Voje valley – Vodnikov Dom hut (1817m): 4h

Hudicev Most is bridging narrow (few meters) and deep (30 meters) gorge of Mostnica. View into this dark ravine and green river in it is very attractive. Path continues along the river, crossing it two times, till it reaches Voje hut. On this, just above hour long, section you’ll see many beautiful sights of gorge and Mostnica river. Behind the hut marks follow the road that winds through the bottom of the Voje valley and its endless meadows. In some 45mins you reach the steep slopes at the end of valley. Macadam road turns into path, enters the forest and in many sharp bends it ascends steeply towards Grintovica pastures (1165m), 1h from end of Voje valley. Here you can find water in trough. Behind the meadows into the forest again, path steeply ascends. After a while you reach Jurjevceva Vrtaca canal, where path turns left into westerly direction. On the right you can see huge Tosc (2275m), in front is Jezerski Stog (2040m). After some 20mins path turns right and continues to ascend quite steeply through the forest. In some 30mins you are on the important junction, at the edge of huge basin which contains Malo & Velo Polje fields. In front of you is Triglav. From the right Uskovnica trail joins. 10 minutes long, panoramic flat section, is what divides you from Vodnikov Dom hut.

Section 1b) Stara Fuzina (546m) – Uskovnica – Vodnikov Dom hut (1817m): 5h

Just in front of Hudicev Most bridge path towards Uskovnica turns right and begins to ascent steeply, through the forest, in many bends. After some 40mins you reach Blatca meadows. Just above meadows path joins the road, which ascends toward Uskovnica from Srednja Vas village. Follow the road all the way to Uskovnica hut (1154m). Some 10mins before the hut you leave the forest end enter Uskovnica pastures. 2hours from Stara Fuzina.

From the hut path ascends gradually over the meadows in NW direction. Views are nice towards the mountain on the other side of Voje valley. After some 30-40mins path enters the forest. Soon you pass by a week source. Path continues mostly flat cutting along very steep slopes above Voje valley, which you can see through the forest, deep bellow. Short time after this section path reaches the ridge from Sleme summit and turns right, into the steep valley, squeezed between Tosc (on the left) and Sleme (on the right). Between them is Studorski Preval pass (1892m) and sharp Veliki Draski Vrh (2243m) above it. Path heads toward the canal that is steeply falling bellow the pass. This, quite long, section is almost flat, cutting horizontally steep slopes. As you reach this canal, path turns sharply right and ascends steeply over the grassy slopes, some 30mins, till it joins Pokljuka route, which comes horizontally from the right. As you reach it, turn left. View is beautiful in all directions, Voje valley is more than a kilometre bellow, in front is sharp Miselj Vrh (2350m). After some 15 minutes over this flat and panoramic section, there is short climb as path turns right. We are joined by Voje valley trail, from the left. Triglav suddenly appears in front of you, rising high above the huge basin which embeds Velo Polje field. Bellow Triglav you can see Planika hut and right of it is Kredarica hut. Trail continues straight, along the steep grassy slopes. Bellow sharp Vernar (2225m) you can see Vodnikov Dom hut. 10 more minutes and you are there.

Section 2a) Vodnikov Dom hut (1817m) – Planika hut (2401m): 2h

Wide path gradually ascends over the scree slopes bellow Vernar (2225m), high above the green Velo Polje field. In some 20mins you reach short cliffs which are blocking the path, which surmounts it with carved steps and steel rope. Behind path continues to ascent. After reaching the edge of plateau there are few bends and you are at Konjsko Sedlo (2020m) (Horse pass), an important junction of paths from all directions (45mins from Vodnikov Dom hut). Konjsko Sedlo connects Triglav massif with Tosc group. From right comes shortcut from Krma valley route. In front path divides to three directions: Planika hut, Kredarica hut and Stanicev Dom hut.

Few meters uphill and our path turns left, ascending steeply over huge scree slopes bellow Triglav. This doesn’t change till you are in front of Planika hut. Path ascends in many bends as view toward south expands with every step. When Triglav appears again, now much bigger than last time you saw it, it is close to the hut. From Konjsko Sedlo 1.15h.

Section 2b) Vodnikov Dom hut (1817m) – Kredarica hut (2515m): 2.15h

Up to Konjsko Sedlo pass the path is the same, read in the section above.

From the pass path continues straight and ascends gradually over huge scree slopes bellow Mali Triglav. Direction is north and sharp head Vrh Snezne Konte (2342m) in front. Just before reaching the edge of Kalvarija slopes there is one secured spot, with steel rope. From the right we are joined by Krma Valley route, normal winter route. In front is large basin Snezna Konta and above are cliffs of Mali Triglav. Path goes right, around the basin and then straight up in many bands, steeply over scree slopes. This last section before Kredarica hut really becomes tough. As soon you reach the edge of slope massive Kredarica hut and huge Triglav behind it, appear. 1.30h from Konjsko Sedlo pass.

Section 3) Planika hut (2401m) – Triglav (2864m): 2h

Behind the hut path quickly begins to climb, over the combination of rocky slopes and scree till it reaches the cliffs in some 25 minutes. It turns right through the couloir and than left, climbing steeply. Path is very well secured and has amazing views. Just bellow the Mali Triglav, after an hour, we join the path from Kredarica hut. View towards north literally explodes.
In front of us is notorious, razor sharp ridge, which was great obstacle for the first climbers of Triglav. Today fixed ropes very well secure this section and there is no need for riding the ridge, what first climbers had to do. After this flat section, path climbs steeply again till it reaches the summit, where Aljazev Stolp greets you.

Section 4) Kredarica hut (2515m) – Triglav (2864m): 1.30h

Path descents on the pass bellow Triglav and begin to ascent steeply, over the scree and rocky slope towards the entrance to Triglav’s face. Here we encounter first pegs, which takes us towards left, using narrow shelf. Bellow you is deep abyss, secure fixed ropes and pegs take us safely towards Mali Triglav. Without them this would be pure alpinism! Ascent is very attractive with amazing views. Just bellow the top of Mali Triglav, after some 45 minutes of climbing, we are joined from the left by Planika hut trail.
In front of us is notorious, razor sharp ridge, which was great obstacle for the first climbers of Triglav. Today fixed ropes very well secure this section and there is no need for riding the ridge, what first climbers had to do. After this flat section, path climbs steeply again till it reaches the top where Aljazev Stolp greets you.

Section 5) Path connecting Kredarica & Planika huts: 1h

When combining trails and routes around Triglav, this is essential path. From Planika hut path heads across scree slopes towards the cliff shoulder which is descending from Mali Triglav. This, 5mins away, section is secured with few steel ropes. Behind it are huge scree slopes bellow Mali Triglav, which descent into Snezna Konta basin. Path gradually ascends along the slope, going just bellow the cliffs of Mali Triglav. Kredarica hut is visible in front, standing on the top isolated cliff. Here you have to be careful because of occasional falling rocks from above. Also long into summer steep snow fields lay here.

If this is a problem you can descent to Konjsko Sedlo – Kredarica hut path. This path descends into Snezna Konta, just behind first cliff section from Planika hut. You loose some 100m of altitude.

At the end of scree slopes, as you approach Kredarica, there is final, steep ascent, which will take you on the small pass between Triglav and Kredarica. A minute more till the hut, towards right.

Essential Gear

In summer normal hiking gear. Helmet and rope is optional for those that would feel safer on climbing section. When there is snow full gear is necesary, ice ax, crampons....