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Location Lat/Lon: 34.74797°N / 58.47621°E
Additional Information Object Type: Boloor Cave
Additional Information County: Bajestan

About the Boloor cave

This cave is not so larg but is one of the most beautiful caves of the province. Its beautiful stalactites and stalagmites are like crystal. "Boloor" is a Farsi word that means "crystal".
Height of cave's enterance from the sea level : 985m.
Lenght of cave : 121m.
Depth of cave : -42m.
Shafts : There is two shafts at the enterance (5m. & 14m.).

Getting there

Cave is located at 8km. (dirty road) south of Yoonesi village.
Yoonesi is located at 220km. (main road) SW of Mashhad city.
Mashhad is locted at NE of Iran.


Oaj Mountain Climbing Club