Bonneville Pass and Beyond

A view from the summit of Pinnacle Butte NE.

View in Orig for better detail.

In the foreground are the sheer cliffs that line one side of the peak. As you go up the north ridge, the easiest walking is just inches from those drops, so take extra caution.

Beyond the cliffs is Bonneville Pass, still covered with a good deal of snow; the small lake there appears largely frozen still, too.

Looking beyond the pass, you see the slopes of Austin Peak, then the remote Buffalo Plateau, and finally a set of peaks, deep in the Teton Wilderness, that are the most remote in the Lower 48. Younts Peak, a little right of center with a conical summit, is reputed to be the most remote. The large peak to its right is Thorofare Mountain.

Absaroka Range, Wyoming-- July 2009


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