Boulder Mountain, Utah

As a side note, I discovered some information about some areas in Utah. Information which I found very disconcerting. There is a move afoot to go into areas of the San Rafeal Swell and parts of the Escalante Grant Staircase for mining, to include(Uranium) and Oil drilling. These are located in areas my wife and I frequent. They're located in rather remote places which require high clearence four wheel vehicles. Not easily seen, hidden from most of the public. It would be a real tradegy to see the devastation which would result if this were to happen. Given the climate in this county these days, I fear it's inevitable. Just like what they're doing now in the Owens Valley in California. Not only is water being diverted(taken) from run off, from the Sierras to feed LA's insatiable appetite, but they're now punching holes in parts of the Owens Valley to suck water out of the underground aquifers. In my youth I was quite vociferous in my outspokenness on these issues. It is imparitive that the youth, the next generation, get involved. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places, but I'm not seeing much of that. If you don't start making a stand you won't have much of these places left.


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