Breite Krone / Curuna Lada

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Breite Krone / Curuna Lada
Created On: Feb 17, 2009
Last Edited On: Feb 17, 2009


Geographical Classification: Eastern Alps > Silvretta Group >Breite Krone / Curuna Lada

Breite Krone / Curuna Lada is a 3079 meters high summit of the Silvretta Group. The summit lies in Switzerland in the Canton Grisons / Graubünden, less than a mile from the Swiss / Austrian border, wich is runs over the Kronenjoch (2976 m).
The name "Breite" refers to the hillshape of the mountain. Literally you can translate the name into something like"wide crown". From the summit you'll have the idea that your on a wide balcony, plenty of space!
Usually the summit is climbed by people who go from the Jamtalhütte to the Heidelberger Hütte (or the other way around). It can be reached from the Kronenjoch in less than half an hour. The Vadret da Fenga glacier (just north) doesn't has any crevasses, so you don't need a rope to climb the summit. The normal routes from both sides is visited pretty often in both summer and winter / spring (as Skitour).
Breite Krone / Curuna LadaBreite Krone / Curuna Lada in winter.

Getting There

In General: There are two common starting points to get to the summit: Heidelberger Hütte and Jamtalhütte. Both starting points of the climb can be easily reached from the Paznaun valley in Austria. Enter the Paznaun valley just west of Landeck and take Silvretta Hochalpenstrasse (B188) to reach the famous skiresort Ischgl, wich is the starting point for Heidelberger Hütte. Other ways to reach the Heidelberger Hütte, from Switzerland, are a bit longer. Starting points for the Jamtalhütte are Galtür or the Bielerhöhe (toll road!).


1. Heidelberger Hütte 2264 m
Fam. Huber
Seichle 422
6555 Kappl
Telefon Hut: 0043/664/4253070

Getting to the Heidelberger Hütte

From Austria:
1. Common acces from Ischgl. start from the church in Ischgl to enter the Fimbavalley. Follow the road through Fimbavalley along Bodenalpe to reach the hut (Partly possible with cable car and backpack transportation possible!). Total: 4 hours.
2. From Mathon (Wildpark Silvretta). Enter the Larainvalley on a large path through the forrest. Follow it to Lareinalpe (Can be reached by Taxi). Continue to a small custom-house. Turn left just before the custom-house and climb to Ritzenjoch (2690 m). Descent along a good path to reach the hut. Total: 4 - 5 hours.
From Switzerland:
3. From Samnaun, taxfree shopping paradise. Enter the Val Musauna and take the marked path to the Zeblasjoch (2539 m), Swiss/Austrain border. Continue to Piz Val Gronda (2752 m) and descent to the hut. Total: 4 - 5 hours.
4. From Ramosch in Val Sinestra. On a sandy road to Weiler Zuort (Taxi transfer possible). Continue to the Val Chöglias to reach the Fimberpass (2608 m). Descent on a well marked path to the hut. Total: 4 - 5 hours.
5. From Scoul. Take the cable car and ascent towards Mot da Ri and F. da Champatsch (2730 m). Along marked path (302) through Val Laver, along Fuorcla Davo Dieu (2807 m) to the hut. Total: 4 - 5 hours.

2. Jamtalhütte 2264 m
Gottlieb Lorenz
Haus Winkl
6563 Galtür
Telefon Hut: +43 5443 84 08

Getting to the Jamtalhütte

From Austria:
1. Common acces from Galtür. Enter the Jamvalley at the southside of the village and follow the sand road to the hut. Total: 3 - 3.5 hours
2. From Bielerhöhe (only in summer!). Take the path up the Bielvalley up to Getschnerscharte (2839 m). Descent on the other side and cross the Jambach to reach the hut. Total: 4 - 5 hours.
From Switzerland:
3. From Ardez. A long walk through Tasna valley all the way up to Futschölpass (2768 m). Cross the Swiss/Austrian border and descent along a marked path to the hut. Total: about 6 hours.
4. From Guarda / Tuoi Hut (glacier ascent!). From the Tuoi hut to Jamjoch (3078 m). Cross the Swiss/Austrian border and descent along the Jamtal glacier. Total: about 6 hours.


1. Normal route from Heidelberger Hütte.
Map of Breite Krone / Curuna LadaMap of the area (Click to enlarge!).

Head south through the Fenga valley and follow a marked path in direction Kronenjoch / Jamtallhütte. Just before you reach the Kronenjoch you'll have to cross a small glacier (Vadret da Fenga), wich has no crevasses. The Kronenjoch 2976 m marks the Swiss/Austrian border. The last part is a scramble on the westflank of the mountain.

Starting point: Heidelberger Hütte (2264 m)
Highest point: summit of Breite Krone (3079 m)
Height gain: 815 m
Time: from the hut to the summit about 3 hours.

2. Normal route from Jamtalhütte.
Head east and follow a marked path along the Futschölbach untill you reach point 2496 m. Follow direction Kronenjoch / Heidelberger Hütte untill you reach the Swiss/Austrian border on the Kronenjoch 2976 m. The last part is a scramble on the westflank of the mountain.

Starting point: Heidelberger Hütte (2165 m)
Highest point: summit of Breite Krone (3079 m)
Height gain: 914 m
Time: from the hut to the summit about 3 - 4 hours.

3. In winter.
The summit is also popular as skitour. Be ware of avalanches the valleys, the Jamtalhütte has been destroyed several times due to avalanches. See the external links section for a bulletin.
Piz Tasna, Breite Krone and AugstenbergWinterpanorama of the area.

Maps and Guidebook

Map 1:25 000:
  • Silvrettagruppe
    Alpenvereinskarte 26
    (summer and winter edition available)
Map 1:50 000:
  • Silvretta-Verwallgruppe
    Kompass Map WK41
    ISBN: 3-85491-047-9
Map 1:50 000:
  • Silvretta Hochalpenstraße, Piz Buin
    Freytag & Berndt WK373
    EAN: 9783850847735
Online Maps:Guidebook:
  • Silvretta Alpin
    Günter Flaig
    Rother Verlag
    ISBN: 3-7633-1097-5
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