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CharlesD - Apr 7, 2004 11:29 pm - Voted 10/10

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Nice! First mountain for Florida (the only other one I can think of is Space Mountain). Perhaps you should group Britton with the other state highpoints.


Scott - Apr 9, 2004 10:27 am - Hasn't voted

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Info is good, but I think I would rather see mountains that you have to walk to submitted.

Bob Burd

Bob Burd - Jun 8, 2004 11:26 pm - Voted 10/10

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Thanks for adding the State HPs in the face of adversity. I don't care what others may think - highpointing is fun. Think I'll go add another county highpoint. :-)


hgrapid - Feb 8, 2005 10:14 am - Hasn't voted

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Thanks for the vote!


hgrapid - Jun 16, 2005 4:38 pm - Hasn't voted

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Thanks for the support. I recognize this place isn't exactly Mount Everest, but it is a special "summit" that has many visitors each year. Being that there are only 50 highpoints, and only 9 flat ones (8 on SP), I think SP can handle them.

Larry V

Larry V - Jul 4, 2005 8:11 pm - Voted 10/10

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You mean Florida has a high point?? The air must be pretty thin up there on top of Britton Hill. Seriously, thanks for adding it to SP. It belongs, the only "mountain of Florida".


hgrapid - Jul 4, 2005 10:12 pm - Hasn't voted

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hgrapid - Sep 15, 2005 8:04 pm - Hasn't voted

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Really? But you are from Sweden, why go here?

2skinners - Jan 13, 2006 6:05 am - Voted 10/10

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Good page. I caught a lot of flak for posting the final highpoint in the U.S. A few one star votes because people didn't feel they belong. But as popular as highpointing is, I think they all should have a spot on this site. Well done.


tarol - Oct 20, 2006 4:24 pm - Voted 10/10

Good page

If I had realized I was so close I would've driven over there! As it is I only made it to 324' :p I explored nearby Falling Waters State Park where the tallest waterfall in Florida is and the highest elevation campground in the state at 324 feet, lol. Also hiked to Rattlesnake Lake on the Florida Trail and kayaked Econfina Creek. Not too far away are Wakulla Springs and Torreya State Park. This part of Florida isn't well-known but has many hidden treasures and is worth a visit...


JohnMcPike - Aug 1, 2008 9:12 pm - Hasn't voted

Coming from the south

As you approach Britton HIll from the south, there is a vantage point where you see the road going up over the hill. To the left is a good picture of Britton Hill to be had. Unfortunately - my one picture I took from there came out fuzzy but wanted to mention it for those folks that like to take pictures of hps from a distance.


Chucky - Feb 12, 2010 10:10 am - Hasn't voted

Nice page

A peak is a peak and it cannot help it that tectonic plates never got it as high as Everest. Never-the-less, in the spirit of humor, "How does one deal with the acute mountain sickness there? "Are ice axes recommended?"


moneal - May 29, 2014 10:00 am - Hasn't voted

It's not on US-331

Maybe it's obvious, but the high point is not on US-331, it's on Hwy 285 less than 1 mile south of the FL-Al line


hgrapid - May 30, 2014 11:20 am - Hasn't voted

Re: It's not on US-331

Thanks. Addressed it

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