Brown Mountain

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Alaska, United States, North America
Ketchikan Gateway Borough
Hiking, Scrambling
Summer, Fall
2900 ft / 884 m
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Brown Mountain
Created On: Aug 15, 2016
Last Edited On: Aug 20, 2016


See Dude Mountain information here - Dude Mountain

Getting There

See Dude Mountain information here - Dude Mountain


See Dude Mountain information here - Dude Mountain. The major variance from Dude Mountain is that you will need roughly double or more the amount of time to ascend Brown Mountain. On a quick hike, Dude can be summited in about 45mins-1hr (locals run it as a workout). However, Brown Mountain is not as accessible or straight forward to attain. There is a small, overgrown goat / hunters trail that leads off to hikers right while ascending Dude Mountain. I have been told that it is evident before the steep section on Dude that has the shear cliffed out drop off to hikers left, but I was unable to find it. If you follow this side-hilling trail, it will lead to the saddle between Dude and Brown which will allow for a summit of Brown. *Of note - everything here is wet all the time, and you will get soaked bushwhacking through overgrown brush. Recommend rain pants, grippy boots, and possibly gaiters on top of the rest to keep your feet dry.

Another option is to summit Dude, downclimb the rocks to said trail mentioned above, and proceed up Brown Mountain that way. These rocks are mostly moss covered, very slick even in 'dry' for AK standards weather, and should be approached with caution. It will probably take 100-200ft of downclimbing to get to the saddle, and then further downclimb to the saddle before getting to the final ascent. The downclimb from the top of Dude will be slow going if safely picking your way around mossy rocks.

A final option is to fully summit Dude and take what looks to be like a longer social trail that winds around the back side of the mountain and drops you back down to the saddle. Probably the safest, albeit longest route, up the mountain.

Red Tape

See Dude Mountain information here - Dude Mountain

When to Climb

See Dude Mountain information here - Dude Mountain


See Dude Mountain information here - Dude Mountain

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