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Slovakia, Europe
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Easy rock climbing
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Half a day
most of rout walk-up, one place UIAA II, a few places UIAA I

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By Granatova Lavka
Created On: Nov 30, 2005
Last Edited On: Nov 30, 2005


Normally this route begins from Slezsky Dom (how to get to Slezsky Dom see the main page of Bradavica).

Route Description

Take the red-marked trail in Hrebienok / Siodelko direction and follow it about 10 min to the place where on your left hand a gap in mountain pine (pinus mugo) is and a board stays, which inform that within the National Park of Tatra you can move only on marked-trails.

Here leave the marked route and go by this board (in the north direction), through a huge blocks of rock to a begin of long, wide, grassy ramp going obliquely up in the north direction under rocks of Velicke Hrby / Niedzwiedzie Czuby (see picture). After a few meters you’ll see a distinct path going this ramp. Follow this path on a pass (crains) and next turn left (north-west) and follow a distinct, good treaded path through a few saddles, between rocks of Gránatové Veže / Granackie Turnie (above) and Gránatové Steny / Granackie Baszty (below – you can see only alone tops of them) – this grassy ramp is called Gránatová Lávka / Granatowa £awka – follow it till you reach Kvetnicový Kotol / Kwietnikowy Kociol (cirque) (see picture) (2 h).

Here turn right and climb up by couloir (UIAA II) on a Kvetnicové Sedlo / Kwietnikowa Przelaczka (pass).

Variant (easier UIAA I): You can go round this place choosing the second branch of chute from right (south) side hidden after black crag – first this branch is wide, next narrow and next again enlarge and disappear under Rogatá Veža / Rogata Turnia. Here turn left and climb up on a little saddle, cross it and after it traverse under rocks of Rogatá Veža (a few ten meters) and finally turn left to a little chimney (a few meters of hight) and climb by it on a narrow saddle. After it climb down to the main branch of our couloir and follow it on Kvetnicové Sedlo.

On the pass turn left (north) and climb by a steep, narrow ridge and finally by obliquely scree slope on Sedlo Bradavic / Klimkowe Wrótka. Here turn right and climb up by scree and blocks of rock on Klimkowa Turnia – the left and the highest crag of Bradavica (1 h 15 min).

Essential Gear

Normal hiking gear, for not good climbers rope.

Miscellaneous Info

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By Granatova Lavka

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