by Siarkanska Pass (slov Dracie Sedlo)

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HIGH TATRAS, Slovakia, Europe
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hike then rock climb
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Most of a day
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by Siarkanska Pass (slov Dracie Sedlo)
Created On: Nov 6, 2005
Last Edited On: Nov 6, 2005


You take unmarked path to Zlomiska Valley which starts from the north-east bank of the Popradske Lake and follow to the Zlomiska Rowien (you are walking in the forest, you pass the river by little wodden bridge and next trough unpleasent blocks(1hour)
From the Zlomiska Rowien you turn left to Zlomiska Zatoka (Kotlina pod Dracim Sedlom) and then to Siarkanska Pass (the pass between Siarkanska Ridge and south-east sumit of Wysoka)2 hours and 15 min from the Popradske Lake.

Route Description

From the Siarkanska Pass you can see great couloir which you reach ascending traverse. You climb couloir. Rocks in the couloir are rotten and often snow is present especially in june and july. If there is no snow you follow the couloir to the slabs below Pass in the Wysoka. Then you climb several meters vertically- there are some steel steps and then you turn left by narrow ledge. Next you reach the exposed spur which lead you to the summit ridge from which after several meters you stand on the north-west summit of Wysoka with the iron cross. There are two pieces of rope from the place when you leave the couloir below Pass in Wysoka.
If there is a snow in the exit gully you should take route by spur which starts from the Lawica- terasse left from the couloir (marked by small stone piramides) which leads directly to the north-west summit or spur of south east summit which you enter by traverse right about 10 meters above Lawica terasse.
Be carefull during the descent in the mist not to go straight downstairs by couloir to Smocza Valley (with Smoczy Lake- Dracie Pleso). It is recomended only durig the winter when snow covers up the thresholds in the couloir.

Essential Gear

Could be done without rope in good conditions, but there are exposed pieces in the couloir and on the slabs below summit and also on the summit ridge. Rope is recomended for descend and during early summer when snow lays in the couloir.

Miscellaneous Info

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by Siarkanska Pass (slov Dracie Sedlo)

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