Cala Gonone / Sardinia

Cala Gonone / Sardinia

Page Type: Area/Range
Lat/Lon: 40.27114°N / 9.60754°E
Activities: Sport Climbing
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter


Rocks and water at Cala Gonone

Cala Gonone is located at the middle of the east coast of Sardinia at the Golf di Orosei.
Cala Gonone belongs to the county Dorgali.

Further it was a fisher´s village but in the meantime it is a pure holidays resort. It is a place for bathing and especially one of the greatest places for climbing at Sardinia!

In some places you have the possibility to climb directly at the beach and go swimming after climbing. You have great possibilities for climbing there with only a short access to the rocks.

The whole climbing areas are perfectly secured with bolts every 2 metres! The quality of the bolts is very good in most of the routes.

There are 10 walls around Cala Gonone with all difficulties from 4 to 8b.
Cala Gonone

Overview of climbing possibilities:
- La Poltrona (big wall with 250 hm), some famous routes climbed by Heinz Mariacher
- Budinetto
- Grottone Biddiriscottai
- Cala Fuili
- Cala Luna
- Arcadio
- Surtana

Big wall climbing at Cala Gonone

Getting There

You can reach Cala Gonone via country road in about 45 minutes from Nuoro, in 1.5 hours from Olbia and in 2.5 hours from Cagliari. Distance from Dorgali 7 km.
The road is well marked with signs.

Airports are in Alghero, Olbia and Cagliari.

By ship you can reach Olbia and Cagliari f.e. from Genua.


Sunset near Cala Gonone

You can climb in Sardinia the whole year. But in summer it is often too hot. In November and December there are some days of rain. 10 days per month in November and December are possible (but even better than in the middle of Europe!).
The best time is spring and fall but there are many climbers in the area.
So you have to decide what you prefer.


You have several possibilities of accommodation in Cala Gonone. It is a village with many hotels with fair prices. You also have the possibility to rent an apartment. There is also a camping place in the village.

Free camping is forbidden.

When there are a lot of tourists at Cala Gonone in summer you also have many possibilities of accommodation in Dorgali (7 kilometres).

Books & Maps


Most used book with all climbing areas of Sardinia, topos and informations in Italian, English and German language:
Pietra di Luna from Maurizio Oviglia
15x21 cm, 392 pages

Sardinia (Sardegna / Sardinien)
M. Omidvar
Rother Verlag
ISBN: 3-7633-4800-X (English)
ISBN: 3-7633-4143-9 (Italian)
ISBN: 3-7633-4023-8 (German)


Sardinien / Sardinia
World Mapping Project Map
Reise Know-How Verlag
ISBN: 3-8317-7091-3

Digital map at

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