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I mostly contribute raw beta route pages and have avoided maintaining any kind of group page (i.e. Banff National Park, etc.) at Summitpost. However, after a considerable amount of inquires, I have assembled Summitpost’s collection of Canadian Rockies ice climbs so that members have an easy reference guide to “first hand” ice climbing experience regarding their winter travel plans to the region. The Canadian Rockies and more specifically the Bow Valley (Canmore) is truly centered regarding the best waterfall ice climbing anywhere in the world.

Listing routes with no first hand experience available is not what this page is about. Rather the listing involves “first hand accounts only” of waterfall ice routes in the Canadian Rockies. The routes will be listed and maintained via their respective “areas” (i.e. The Ghost). The areas will be listed in descending order of East to West. The 2nd order will be via difficulty. I can assure you that this listing only scratches the surface of what is available come January through April up and down the central Canadian Rockies. I personally attempt to climb 30 WI routes per winter and still have plenty more to experience.

The Ghost

Fearful Symmetry, WI 6XFearful Symmetry-III, WI 6X

South Ghost

Orient Point

The Joker, III, WI 3

Candlestick Maker, IV, WI 5

Planter’s Valley

Weathering Heights, III, WI 4

Peanut Gallery, III, WI 4

Devil’s Gap

Rainbow-Serpent, III, WI 6

Fearful Symmetry-III, WI 6X

Malignant Mushroom-II, WI 5

Aquarius, III, WI 4

Green Angel, III, WI 4

Sunshine, II, WI 3

North Ghost

GBU (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly), II, WI 4-5+

GBU Mixed

Indifferent, II, WI 3

Valley of the Birds

Eagle, III, WI 5

Yellow Bird, III, WI 4+

Seagull, III, WI 4

Beyond Valley of the Birds

Unforgiven, III, WI 3

Devil’s Punchbowl, IV, WI 4

Beowulf, III, WI 4

Fang and Fist, V, WI 5


Whiteman Falls, WI 6Whiteman Falls, IV, WI 6

Opal Creek

Whiteman Falls, IV, WI 6

Mount Kid

A Bridge Too Far, IV, WI 4+

Kid Falls, IV, WI 4


Experts Choice, WI 6Experts Choice, III, WI 6

Quick and Dirty, II, WI 4

Le Pilier des Putains, II, WI 6

French Kiss, II, WI 3

Experts Choice, III, WI 6


Hers, II, WI 4

Hers, II, WI 4

Grotto Falls, II, WI 3


Professor Falls, WI 4

Johnston Canyon, WI 3-5

Bourgeau Left-Hand, IV, WI 5

Bourgeau Right-Hand, IV, WI 4R

Professor Falls, III, WI 4

Cascade Falls, III, WI 3

Rogans Gully, III, WI 3

Lake Louise

Louise Falls

Louise Falls, III, WI 4


Marble Canyon, II, WI 3-5

Marble Canyon, II, WI 3-5+


Beer Routes

Guinness Gully, WI 4

Carlsberg Column, III, WI 5

Guinness Gully, II, WI 4

Guinness Stout, II, WI 4

Icefield Parkway

Murchison Falls, III, WI 4+

Bow Falls, III, WI 4

Mount Murchison

Murchison Falls, III, WI 4+

Mount Wilson

Wilson Major, III, WI 4

Cirrus Mountain

Polar Circus, V, WI 5

Weeping Wall, WI 3- 6

Snivelling Gully II, WI 3

Beauty Creek

Shades of Beauty, III, WI 4

Rick Blak Memorial Route, III, WI 5


Kicking Horse Canyon

Pretty Nuts, II, WI 4

Pretty Nuts, II, WI 4



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