Canadian Rockies-recollection- part II

Canadian Rockies-recollection- part II

Page Type Page Type: Trip Report
Date Date Climbed/Hiked: Sep 15, 1992
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Fall
Galatea Lakes-Kananaskis Provincional Park
Upper Kananaskies Lake2-Canadian Rockies
Somewhat in the middle of September it is time in the mountains when the trees bears full fall colors. So our next trip was to the Moraine Lake in the Banff National Park. Up above the lake You can find well-known Larch Valley. We stopped at the lake. Here ,there is a big pile of rocks and boulders which separated from the mountain and went down .They made natural barrage on the creek forming a lake. There is nice lookout across the lake here. We followed a marked route and stayed in the Larch Valley. It was flame-like .What a wonderful sight. We continued our hike above Indian tears Lakes up to the Sentinel pass . It was very windy and cold so we didn’t stay a long. Took pictures and returned to The Moraine Lake. Here we tried to go around the lake. But in the half we gave up. There wasn’t any path on the other side of the lake and the slope above the lake was pretty steep. Alternatively we decided to go to Consolation Valley with two lakes. The lakes were lost among countless huge boulders. We took pictures and returned back to Parking lot. But something wrong happened. I realized that I had left my camera somewhere at the lakes. So I hurried back to the Consolation lakes and found it.

The next weekend we went to Kananaskis Country. Our goal was to hike to Galatea Lakes just up above Kananaskis River. We left our car at the Galatea Parking lot and followed marked route along Galatea creek. The first of the lakes we met was Lilian lake. The route started to get steeper. And we reached Upper Galatea lake. The lower one is just behind it ( Galatea is the name of roman emperor vessel .)The lakes are very picturesque Above them stand nice white lime-rock walls. Here you can find a lot of fossils. We climbed up as far as we could to the sheer craggy wall behind that Mount Engadine is. We stayed for a while above the lakes absorbing the beauty of nature. We had good time. Then we returned home.

The last trip at the end of September was to Kananaskis Provincional Park. It was very cold and of course it turned out that the first snow covered the mountains. We went to Upper Kananaskis barrage lake. It was so windy and cold that we had to fight against our morale to get off the car. We stayed here and there for moments took pictures and went farther southwards. Stayed for a moment at Highwood Pass and continued down along the Storm Creek via Kananaskis Trail-road 40. Somewhere farther we took the left turn off and left the Mountains. On the wide plain behind the mountains lies a huge glacial erratic .I think the largest one in Alberta. We, of course, visited this natural point of interest. It is 20m or so in high and 50m in diameter. We climbed it and could see all around us in bird’s eye way.
Because of cold we quickly get into the car and returned home .
These were all our fall trips. In winter we several times went cross-country skiing to Kananaskis Provincional Park. But I prefer summer hiking
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