Canal de Izas

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Huesca, Spain, Europe
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A long day
P.D.inf. (Poco Dificil inferior)
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5.2 (YDS)

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Canal de Izas
Created On: Jan 23, 2006
Last Edited On: Sep 19, 2010


Col de Ladrones and La RacaCol de ladrones

Trailhead: col de Ladrones (1300m). After Canfranc station we get the little road to right to arrive to the col.

Route Description

Pala de Ip and Picos de la TronqueraPala de Ip
Coulouir NorthCoulouir North
Coulouir NorthCoulouir North's exit
Pala de IpRidge

Slope: 1530m.
Time: 5h (+3h to descend)

The route of Canal de Izas to climb the Pala de Ip is nice but complicated, it's not advisable to hikers and experience in mountain is neccesary for the access of coulouir north.

We entry in the valley with some waterfalls in the middle of ravine. After the walls of right side we leave the route of col of Izas and turn to SW for a hard slope of grass (snow in winter). The little path border the wall to reach the little mountain hut of Vuelta de IserĂ­as (1880m). We turn to south to reach a little col (2190m) over the nice lake (ibon) of Saman (2130m) with a perfect view of the wall north of La Moleta (2575m) and the peaks of Tronquera (2595m and 2657m). It's not neccesary the descend to the lake following to east side to reach the pass in a new little col (2290m). After a little descend we reach the terrace under the north face of Pala de Ip. The coulouir to reach the col between tronquera and Pala de Ip is visible. This is the most complicated part of the itinerary in a little coulouir of grade II- in diagonal with a lot of stones and scree (attention to fall of free stones) to reach the Brecha Oeste (west gap) of Pala de Ip. From here is the same itinerary of Circo de Ip to reach the summit.

Options to descend:
-Same route: For the descend you must be carefull to find the point of the Brecha (some cairns), only point to descend. It's impressive for unexperienced people.

-Excellent climb: across the peaks of La Tronquera and La Moleta (easy access from the brecha oeste). From the summit of La Moleta (2575m) we descend to north to col of Moleta (2440m), from this point across a ramp we reach the lake of Saman and the itinerary of ascent.

-A very long option to descend is across the Circo de Ip but we leave the normal route of ravine of Ip. The best option is the track (closed to traffic) of La Moleta (south face) to reach the end of the tube of water of electric Central of Ip. From there is some paths to reach the road of Col de Ladrones.

Essential Gear

-Nothing special in summer (july-september).
-Winter (november-march): crampons and ice-axe. I don't know but probably in the coulouir is neccesary the rope and some ice-pitons.
-Spring (may-june): good epoch, early in the season crampons neccesary.

Miscellaneous Info

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Canal de Izas

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