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Location Lat/Lon: 46.26291°N / 9.06424°E
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 6266 ft / 1910 m


Capanna Brogoldone
Capanna Brogoldone

High above the Leventina valley at an ideal location lies Capanna Brogoldone.
At an altitude of 1800 meters this hut offers amazing views of the surrounding Tessiner Alpen and down to the Capital of Ticino: Bellinzona. The view down to Bellinzona, 1600 meters lower, is just amazing. Especially during the night when you  see nothing but lights down in the valley.

But that is not all, the views up are great as well. Right above the hut is a smaller peak named Piz de Molinera (2288m)
But the main viewpoint is towards the north: the Pyramid shaped Pizzo di Claro (2727m), which is the main destination for visitors of this hut. Other peaks to be climbed are Torrone Rosso (2670m) and Mottone (2680m).

The Brogoldone hut is a perfect place for those who want to make it to the top of one of those peaks in 2 days. For those who are a little more trained it is not neccessary to spend the night here. The peaks are reachable within one (long) day. But even if you can make it in one day, it is a great experience to spend the night and enjoy the amazing nightly views over Bellinzona.

Mountains to be climbed

Torrone Rosso, Mottone & Forcel

view of Mottone and Torrone Rosso from the summit
view of Mottone and Torrone Rosso from the summit of Pizzo di Claro

Torrone Rosso (2670m) and Mottone (2680m)

For these peaks you will start following the Brogoldone Route for Pizzo di Claro.
You have to follow this route over the ridge which devides the Calanca and Leventina Valleys, until you reach the summit Pyramid of Pizzo di Claro, from here the Brogoldone route goes up the eastern face of the summit block. Do not take this route but keep right. You will pass the summit block on the eastern side and will descend about 100 meters. After a mile or so you passed Pizzo di Claro and the following two peaks are respectively Torrone Rosso and Madone.

If you follow the path you will descend down in the Calanca Valley. You have to leave the marked trail and scramble your way up to one of these summits. Only to do with good hiking experience.
The way to the summit goes over grassy slopes with some scrambling over rocks.

No axe or other material needed. Good 'mountain-shoes' are a must though. When reaching the summit, views are amazing down into the Leventina valley in the west and the Calanca valley in the east.

-->Be very careful when conditions are wet! Preferably ascent in dry conditions. ( From my own experience: I ascended during wet conditions, fortunately made it down safe.Will NEVER do it again in such conditions!)

--> Descend the same way down. No routes on the western side of these mountains

--> Capanna Brogoldone - Torrone Rosso : 2 a 3 hours

--> Capanna Brogoldone - Madone : 2 a 3 hours


Pizzo Di Claro seen from the...
Piz de Molinera (2288m) on the right

Piz de Molinera (2288m)

Hike your way up to the ridge, when you reach the ridge follow this to the south. You will eventually reach the summit.

--> 1 a 2 hours from Capanna Brogoldone
--> Easy hikers destination
--> Seldomly ascended (most go for Pizzo di Claro)

Pizzo di Claro
Pizzo di Claro from Brogoldone

Pizzo di Claro (2727m)

The main destination from Capanna Brogoldone is the Pizzo di Claro. When looking north you immediately see the impressive Pyramid shaped summit.

The path goes up from Brogoldone to the long ridge of Pizzo di Claro which devides the Calanca and Leventina Valleys. The route may contain some loose stones, so watch your step. The route is marked very well though.

At the end of the ridge there is a split-up. You have come to the point where the impressive summit pyramid is right in front of you.
From here you turn right where the route leads up to the summit over the eastern-face of the mountain.

For more detailed information go to the Brogoldone Route SP page

Pizzo di Claro, Torrone Rosso, Madone
Pizzo di Claro, Torrone Rosso, Madone

-->This path is almost umarked and involves some scrambling. A LOT OF LOOSE STONES ON THE WAY!! WATCH YOUR STEP!

-->It is neccessary to have some hiking experience before trying this summit part of the route.

--> You can descend the same way back via the Brogoldone route. A nice alternative is to descend via the Normal Route.
In this way you will descend all the way down into the Leventina Valley to the village of Claro. It is a quite enduring descent: You have to go down from 2727m to 240m. ( A drop of almost 2500 meters.)
This descent will take between 5 and 7 hours.

Practical Information

Pizzo de Molinera
Pizzo de Molinera & Capanna Brogoldone

Brogoldone 'Hosts'
Brogoldone 'Hosts'

Patriziato di Lumino

Manuele De Gottardi
079/509 37 12

Telephone: +41 (0)91 829 43 50

Maps: SLK 1293 Osogna
SLK 1294 Grono

Sleeping places: 60

Opened: All year long

Eating: Hut owner who is present from may until oktober

Laura Resinelli tel.
079 681 31 65

091/829 4350
H├╝ttenwart, Laura Resinelli
079 681 31 65 e 091 863 1690
Presidente Adelio Ghidossi, 6533 Lumino

Getting there

View from Brogoldone
View from Brogoldone


Coming from Gotthard, drive down towards Bellinzona and go off at 'Bellinzona-Nord'
From there follow the signs 'Claro', 'Lumino' or 'Maruso'
Coming from Italy it's the same thing. On the highway (there's only one going through Ticino) go off at Bellinzona-Nord.

1)The Monte Sauru Cableway is situated in Lumino. Using this shortens the hike up to Brogoldone from 4 to 1,5 hour!
2) Monasteria di Claro can be accessed from Claro. In the center of the village one road leads up: straight to the Monasteria for those who want to start their ascent over there.

Marked trails start at: (Time is duration to get to the Hut)

Monti Saur├╣ Luftseilbahn 1,5 Hr
Lumino 4 Hr
Claro 4 Hr
Monastero di Claro 3 Hr
Maruso 2,2 Hr



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