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Bullion Divide Routes Overview
Trail, Class 1,Class 2, Class 3, White = Class 4 or AI 2, Class 5+
Xs and corresponding colors mark crux & difficulty on a route
A - Snowbird Cat Track Route
B - White Pine Trail
C - Red Pine Trail
D - Maybird Trail
E - Earl-Eagle Jeep Road & S Slopes of The Bastard Son
F - Mineral Fork Jeep Trails & Snowbird Cat Tracks
G - Bullion Divide - S Ridge of Red Top
H - Northeast Ridge - American Fork Twin Peaks
I - The Third Nipple (aka. The Bastard Son)
J - North Ridge/Gad Valley - Red Top/AF Twins
K - Northwest Ridge - Red Top/AF Twins
L - East Ridge - Red Baldy
M - West Ridge via White Pine - Red Baldy
N - Red & White Baldy via Silver Glance Lake
O - East Ridge via White Pine - White Baldy
P - West Ridge via RedPine - White Baldy
Q - Thunder Mountain Pass Traverse
R - East Ridge - Pfeifferhorn
S - Northeast Face - Pfeifferhorn
T - North Ridge - Pfeifferhorn
U - Northwest Couloir - Pfeifferhorn
V - Thunder Ridge
W - Approach to Hogum Fork
X - The Beatout
Y - Pipeline Couloir

Information is a combination of personal experience, USGS topos, and route descriptions on SP. Route difficulties are interpreted and may not be accurate for routes not on SP. Please let me know if any additions or corrections are needed in the map or labeling.


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