Carney Springs/ Boulder Trail

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Arizona, United States, North America
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Hike, Bush-Wack
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Half a day

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Carney Springs/ Boulder Trail
Created On: Nov 4, 2003
Last Edited On: Mar 12, 2005


See the main page for the approach
Click here for a topozone map of the trailhead.

Route Description

This route is 6.5 miles round trip.
The trail starts out just on the other side of the fence which has an opening to axcess it. You don’t have to climb over it. Once on the other side good luck finding the trail. Head south and you should have no problems finding it. Within no time you start to ascend up fairly steeply and the trail narrows as it climbs up the canyon. After awhile the trail becomes easy to loose. If you loose it just keep hiking/bushwacking up to the ridge above you and you will find it again. From here the trail is very clear heading up to Boulder Pass. Once on the Saddle you have a clear view of Superstition Peak. Beware- from here the hike steepens. Also bushes, prickly pear cacti, Cholla Cacti, brush and agaves hug the trail. There are many times you have to hike between Cholla Cacti and agaves. Note: Agaves are brutal. The points are poisonus and burn when poked by them. Sometimes the tips will come of in your flesh. If you do not where pants you WILL come out fairly torn up. But many times its just to hot not to concider wearing pants.
Once on the Superstition Ridgeline you can hike around the mountain or straight up it. There is an ill-defined trail heading up it. head up to the hoodoos and pass them on the north. You will find a path through them and hike up to the solid rock in front of you. From here it is a short scramble up. Then you will find a narrow path with a crack in the rocks. Getting over this section is an exposed class 4 minuever with very few hand holds. After this point you will find yourself on the peak. This is quite a dramatic finish. If you don’t want to hike over the class 4 crack you can climb over the rocks and hike up to the peak from there for a less spatacular finish.

Essential Gear

The most important thing is BRING PLENTY OF WATER!!!

I wore shorts and my legs were completely scratched up. I’d recommend pants or something, but its not required.

Miscellaneous Info

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Carney Springs/ Boulder Trail

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