All churches featured below are over 100 years old.

Photos contributed by: Tomek LodowyLukZem, HenrykSzaniUherkovichvisentin (who started the 'Carpathian Heritage' series), Konrad Sus, peterbud, yatsek, HansG and Vid Pogachnik.

Northwestern Carpathians

Tatras & Surroundings

Snowy autumn in JavorinaTatranská Javorina

Wooden church in ZakopaneZakopane

Wooden church in JurgowJurgów, Polish Spisz

Church and Linden TreeBiałka Tatrzańska, Podhale Basin

Church in TrybszTrybsz, Polish Spisz

Wooden church in HarklowaHarklowa, Podhale Basin

No Nail GothicDębno,Podhale Basin

XVcent. church in LopusznaŁopuszna, Podhale Basin

Old wooden chuch in Sromowce Niżne, in the old Ulica FlicackaSromowce Niżne, Pieniny

Wooden church in KežmarokKežmarok, Slovak Spiš

Svätý Kríž, Slovakia s largest wooden churchSvätý Kríž, Liptov Basin

Western Beskids

The wooden chapel on top of RadhošťRadhošť, Moravskoslezské Beskydy

XVIIcent. Orawka churchOrawka, Orawa-Podhale Beskid

Wooden church in SpytkowiceSpytkowice, Rabka Basin

Obidowa churchRdzawka, Gorce/Beskid Makowski

Krzeczów. Wooden Catholic ChurchKrzeczów, Beskid Makowski

Wooden church in Piatkowa, GorcePiątkowa, Gorce

The wooden church in Rabka, Gorce.Rabka, Gorce

Wooden church in GrywaldGrywałd

Northeastern Carpathians

Low Beskid

Orthodox Church in BanicaBanica

Wooden tserkva in ZdyniaZdynia

Jedlinka wooden churchJedlinka

Wooden tserkva in WolowiecWołowiec

Greek Catholic  Saints Cosmas and Damian church in BartneBartne

Wooden tserkva in BodakiBodaki

The Greek Catholic Filial Church in Ropica Górna - Wooden Architecture Route in MałopolskaRopica Górna

Sekowa churchSękowa

The Greek Catholic Parish Church of St. Cosmas and St. Damian in Męcina Wielka - Wooden Architecture Route in MałopolskaMęcina Wielka

Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Świątkowa WielkaŚwiątkowa Wielka

Swiatkowa Mala tserkvaŚwiątkowa Mała

Kotan tserkvaKotań

Wooden tserkva in KrempnaKrempna

Korejovce tserkvaKorejovce

Mount Dania - Our hike – July 9, 2013Chyrowa

Orthodox Church in PielgrzymkaPielgrzymka

Zawadka Rymanowska churchZawadka Rymanowska

The Greek Orthodox Church in the village of BałuciankaBałucianka

Catholic Church in WrocankaWrocanka

Wooden tserkva in Wislok WielkiWisłok Wielki

Greek-Catholic Orthodox church in KomańczaKomańcza

St.Demetrius of RadoszyceRadoszyce

Szczawne tserkvaSzczawne, Osława Valley (Low Beskid/Bieszczady)

N Foothills of Low Beskid & Bieszczady

Haczow ChurchHaczów, foothills of Low Beskid

Blizne - Church of All SaintsBlizne, Dynów Hills (foothills of Low Beskid)

Old church in DomaradzDomaradz, Dynów Hills

Hlomcza tserkvaHłomcza, Dynów Hills

PiatkowaPiątkowa, Przemyśl Hills

XVI cent. Ulucz tserkvaUlucz, Przemyśl Hills

Wooden tserkva in LiskowateLiskowate, Sanok-Turka Mountains

Wooden tserkva in BystreBystre, Sanok-Turka Mountains

Wooden tserkva in RowniaRównia, Sanok-Turka Mountains

Wooden church in PolanaPolana, Sanok-Turka Mountains

Wooden tserkva in MichniowiecMichniowiec, Sanok-Turka Mountains

Drohobych - Tserkva of Saint GeorgeDrohobych, foothills of Eastern Bieszczady

Laborec Hills

Príkra - Church of St.Michael the ArchangelPríkra

Bodruzal - St. Nicholas ChurchBodruzal

Krajne Cierno tserkvaKrajne Cierno

Wooden tserkva in MirolaMirola

Bieszczady (including Bukovské vrchy)

Wooden tserkva in Turzansk(UNESCO Heritage Site)Turzańsk

Wooden church in GorzankaGórzanka

Wooden tserkva in ChmielChmiel

Smolnik tserkvaSmolnik

Uzhok - Tserkva of the Synaxis of the Archangel MichaelUzhok

Ulic Krive - Church of St Michael the ArchangelUličské Krivé

Wooden church at TopoľaTopoľa

Wooden tserkva in JalovaJalová

Transcarpathian Ruthenia East of Bieszczady

wooden church in KolochavaKolochava

Yasinya - Tserkva of Our Lord s AscensionYasinya, foot of Svydovets


Ieud s oldest church, MaramureşIeud

Poienile Izei church, MaramureşPoienile Izei

Wooden church in DesestiDeseşti

Viseu de SusVişeu de Sus

Bogdan Voda church, MaramureşBogdan Voda

Rozvalea church, MaramureşRozavlea

Borsa - Church of St.Archangels Michael and GavrilBorşa

Wooden church at BârsanaBârsana

Wooden church at Budeşti Budeşti


Bucea / Királyhágó. Ortodox wooden churchBucea/Királyhágó, Seş (Plopiş)/Réz Hills

Wooden church of FodoraFodora/Oláhfodorháza, some 30km north of Cluj/Kolozsvár

The wooden church of Fînaţe/FonóházaFînaţe/Fonóháza, Bihor Mountains

Wooden church of Lăpugiu de JosLăpugiu de Jos/Alsólapugy, north of Poiana Ruscă


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