Castelos do Açu

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Rio de Janeiro - Petropolis county, Brazil, South America
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Castelos do Açu
Created On: Jan 15, 2005
Last Edited On: Oct 10, 2005


The plateau of Açu is anything of other world, but very dangerous because the weather change.There are giants stones on the summit where people camp. The view on the plateau, Who called the "Chapadão" is incrible, because if the weather is good, you can see all the coastline of Rio de Janeiro State. The airplanes that will go to US , flies above Castelos do Açu and all the range of Serra dos Orgaos National Park. The mountain geography is different of everything that you saw. The range has 200 milions years old! Jurassic age.

Getting There

The distance from Rio de Janeiro is 100 km. Regular buses lines every days and every hours to Petrópolis. If you go there, you need a guide! Contact marcelonatural.
The start is in the entrance on the Serra dos Orgaos National Park - Petropolis side and you'll walk harder for 10 km to the summit. On the way, will see Pedra do Queijo ( Cheese Rock - 1596 mts. ) and Ajax Plateau, with 1820 mts. and a good looking view to the mountains.

Red Tape

Castelos do Açu is in Serra dos Orgãos National Park .There are a lot of rules to start your walk. I say to you do not use knifes and Inflamable fuel for cooking set. the guards will open your bagage to give you a free pass.

When To Climb

It's better at winter ( April to October).The temperatures upthere are colder than Rio de Janeiro ( Rio is very near the mountain! )At winter , the night go to 0°C to -8°C. Prepare yourself.


The summit has many campings, about 10 with a confortable place for your tent with a rainfly. Be careful, the summit has windstorms because coldfronts. At summit trail, you can take a shower at Veu da Noiva falls ( the water is cold! )

Mountain Conditions

weather conditions or .
Answer us about the mountains and I add you for complete informations.

The Rocks

See this beautiful rock formations!

Miscellaneous Info

In order : 1 - Rafael inside the Castelos ; 2 - The sunset with Maria Comprida at back ; 3 - The sunrise, with Pedra do Sino at back ; 4 - The map ; 5 - This day was very cold.

The Sunrise From Castelo Do Açu

Look this shot from the summit of Castelos do Açu.


Castelos do Açu

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