Castillo de San Cristobol

Castillo de San Cristobol

This is Castillo de San Cristobol. In contrast to most of the other days on our trip, this really wasn’t a wilderness type hike, but Shaylee and I did end up visiting both Castillos and walking the La Muralla and the Paseo de Princesa between the two impressive forts in San Juan. The two forts were started in 1539 and 1634 and took a few hundred years to finish. The Paseo de Princesa is the walking trail at the base of the wall of La Muralla and stretches from one end of Old San Juan to the other. We couldn’t complete the entire path along the coast because parts of it were closed due to big ocean waves crashing over the walls. It took most of the day to complete the trip.

January 5 2012.

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