Cathedral Peak

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California, United States, North America
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Aug 8, 2014
Trad Climbing
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Created On: Aug 12, 2014
Last Edited On: Aug 12, 2014

The Hateful Chimney

Everyone who is coming up throughout the Trad numbers finds themselves at the base of this one. So, did I. The Trad lines are straightforward, easy placements from solid stances. No worrys today. 
Then comes the infamous 5.4 chimney-  a total sandbag.
If your not 4 foot and eleven inches, about a buck ten, the odds of you doing the regular opposition is nill.
You are forced into a knobby face climb that has no pro anywhere. Granted, you might sling a tiny chicken head, but your ground fall from that place in outer space, breaks borh your legs.
The safest way in, is to abandon your pack and put the unencumbered leader on the sharp end. You can muscle the packs later after someone gets themselves above this sandbagged junk show.
There is no style points on this one. Just grunting and bleeding.



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Cathedral Peak

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