Celebrating 50 Years of Climbing

Celebrating 50 Years of Climbing

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Short Introduction

2012 marked my 50th year of climbing mountains.

This album might seem a bit narcissistic, but it has been fun going through old photos and watching the changes that have taken place over the last 50 years – clothing, hair – especially hair…..What hasn't changed is my love of the mountains.

I became interested in climbing when I read James Ramsey Ullman’s BANNER IN THE SKY in 1960 while in Middle School and later watched the movie made from the book THIRD MAN ON THE MOUNTAIN

My buddies and I started doing some scrambling around the local cliffs and finally climbed a small peak in 1962. The peak is an unnamed point just NW of Mud Lake in the Mission Range of W Montana. It is known locally by some as “No Business Peak” because an old timer is quoted as saying that “Ain't nobody got no business up there.”

In 1963, we climbed our first larger peak - McDonald Peak and in 1964 our first Class 4 peak – Calowachan at the time still named Mount Harding.

We were lucky to have survived our local cliff climbing since we had no idea of how to use a rope to belay – we would go to the top of the cliff and dangle the rope down the way we wanted to climb then climb next to it with the plan to grab it should we fall. Fortunately no one fell.

In 1965 my parents took their summer vacation in the Tetons so that I could attend the Exum climbing school. I took the beginning and intermediate classes and followed up with a guided climb of the Exum Ridge on the Grand. (I did get to meet Glenn Exum while there.) This was the only guided climb that I have done. In 1970, I returned to the Tetons and climbed the route again with friends.

In 1966, it was off to college in Bozeman, MT where I met many good climbers and cavers and like to think that I honed my skills to a descent level.

I have now been at it for 50 years and would like to continue for another 50.

Here are some photos – one from about every 5 years or so.


 No Business Peak, Mission Range, MT
"No Business Peak, my first summit - Summer 1962 Mission Range, MT,

Summit, McDonald Peak, Mission Range, MT
Summit of McDonald Peak in the Mission Range, MT. August 1963 - I am second from the left.

Summit Grand Teton, WY
Summit of the Grand Teton - 1 August 1965

Summit, Chief Mountain, GNP, MT
Summit of Chief Mountain in Glacier National Park - 1971

Summit, Dragontail, Stuart Range, WA
Summit of Dragontail Peak, Stuart Range, WA - 1975

Stuart Range, 1982
Summit of Rooster Finch Tower, Stuart Range, WA - 1982

Matterhorn 1985
On the Hörnligrat of the Matterhorn - a dream come true - 1985

Summit, Saint Nicholas, GNP, MT
Summit of Mount Saint Nicholas, Glacier National Park, MT - the "crown jewel" of the Park's summits - 1990

Mönch, Switzerland
Summit of the Mönch in Switzerland with my daughter, Tanya - 1997

Summit Crowfeet Mountain, GNP, MT
Summit of Crowfeet Mountain, Glacier National Park, MT with my wife and climbing partner of 40 years - 2004 (Moni)

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Summit of Hinkhouse Peak, N Cascades, WA - 2009

Summit Dragon s Tail, GNP, MT
Summit of The Dragon's Tail, Glacier National Park, MT - 2012


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Trail of Memories

Great series of photos for your climbing history. And congratulations on the 50th!

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