Cerro Bombaya

A few days earlier, back in Arequipa, I was looking over the best map of the Chivay area that I could find: Scale 1:100.000, and, according to the notes on the map

"Compiled in 1964 (...) from areal photography taken in 1955."

so, that's got to be accurate.

Among other things, I wanted to see Colca Canyon, but on the map I saw several 5000+ peaks just north of the canyon. Still getting acclimatized, I was looking for an easy one and my eye fell on Bombaya. According to the contours on the map, it's just over 5200m high - no exact altitude is given. I asked around in Arequipa, and yes, it was an easy one to climb, but I should bring plenty water, because there wouldn't be anything up there.

As I got to Cabanaconde, it was clear that water wouldn't be a problem. The mountain was still covered in snow, since the wet season had dropped more than the usual amount. However, I didn't think to bring crampons or ice axe, and after talking to a guiding outfit in Cabanaconde I decided it would be too risky to go there.

8 May 2011.


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