Cerro del Plomo March 2010

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Cerro del Plomo March 2010
Created On: Mar 26, 2013
Last Edited On: Apr 1, 2013

A sprint

Already acclimatized from our nine days on Marmolejo (6108m), we could climb Cerro del Plomo (5424m) in less than 24 hours, setting off from La Parva (approx. 2700m) at around midday, and reaching the summit the next day at half past ten. One day later, we were back in Santiago.

Three days superbly spent, as the hike is pleasant and the summit view excellent, reaching from Aconcagua (6959m), via nearby peaks like Juncal (+5950m), Nevado El Plomo (6070m), Risopatrón (5720m) and Tronco (5567m), to Tupungato (6570m) in the east, Marmolejo (6108m), San José (5856m), Loma Larga (5404m) and Mesón Alto (5257m) in the south and the nearby peaks of El Pintor (approx. 4200m) and Leonera (approx. 5050m) in the west, to name but a few. Particularly impressive is the Glaciar Juncal Sur, with 14km the longest glacier between Bolivia and Patagonia.

A round trip

One of the nicest things about Cerro del Plomo, is that you can do the trek to the La Hoya (or La Olla) camp (approx. 4200m) as a round trip. We opted for in via the Estero Cepo valley, and out via the Leonera-Pintor ridge. As the ridge is directly above La Hoya, you start your day out with a steep climb, which may not be to everyone's liking.

The route through the Estero Cepo valley and from La Hoya on to the summit is described and photographed here.



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Cerro del Plomo March 2010

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