Château des Dames

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Aosta valley
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Château des Dames
Created On: Sep 13, 2007
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- Château des Dames - 3.488 m -


Monte Château des Dames south side.

Château des Dames

"Castle of the ladies", which in French is Chàteau des Dames, is a mountain totally in Italian territory; Aosta valley.

It's is a pyramid with 4 ridges, and placed on the long ridge that divides from north to south the Valpelline from the Valturnenche.

This section of Pennine Alps,start from the massif of Dent d'Herens and goes down with many important summit as Grandes Murailles, Dome de Tzan Becca di Luseney.

Château des Dames is almost in the middle, closed between the Col des Dames, Colle di Volfrede and Colle Bella Tsa.

There is also a glacier on the Valpelline side, and a rest of old glacier that descent over Valturnenche.

This mountain is composed mostly of bad rocks, and it hasn't real climb  routes; but it is a good position for a view to the major mountain as Matterhorn and Monte Rosa. 

Getting there


The area around the lake of Cignana.Dome de Tsan is visible on the right.

From Valpelline:

Location Alta Valpelline.From Milan motorway A4 and from Turin, motorway A5 to Aosta.Take the direction to Pass. Gran S.Bernardo, and turn right at the village of Valpelline direction Diga Place Moulin.
Godd startpoint is the Prarayer hut.

From Valturnenche:

From Chatillon take R46 into Valtournenche.
Most of the routes start from The villace of Valturnenche or the higher Perrères.
Best position for rests are the area around the lake of Cignana.

Routes and History

From Valpelline:

NORTHWEST FLANK: Normal route,across the Glacier des Dames
From ref. Prarayer 3/4 hours (F/F+)
(Federico Archier,Ange Maquignaz 17/08/1875)
SOUTHWEST RIDGE: From Colle Bella Tsa (II°/III°)
(Albin Lucat,Pierre Maquignaz 04/'9/1974)
NORTHWEST RIDGE: Rarely climbed.Bad rocks.
(Allamand,Halles,Dela Harpe 14/08/1899)

From Valturnenche:

SOUTHEAST RIDGE: From Colle Volfrede (II°)
Funny,probably the best.
EAST FLANK: From Glacier Volfrede and Col des Dames (F+)
Easy,but risk of falling stones.


Matterhorn in the sunrise seen from Col des Dames.


The bivouac Laura Florio.

Ref. Prarayer (2005m)
50 places.Tel 0165/730040.From Place Mouline dike.50 min (T)

Ref. Vuillermoz (2920m)
30 places.Te 338/4264705.From Valturnenche 4 hours (E)

Biv. Florio (3320m)
9 places.From ref. Prarayer 4 hours (F)

Biv. Manenti (2790m)
6 places.From Valturnenche 3/4 hours

Other information

Kompass no.87 (Breuil,Cervinia,Zermatt)

"Guida dei monti d'Italia"-Gino Buscaini-Alpi Pennine vol.2
"Cervino,Matterhorn,Monterosa"-IGC-vol 5

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