Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Lat/Lon: 36.57601°N / 50.75896°E
Activities: Mountaineering
Season: Winter
Elevation: 9843 ft / 3000 m



Introduction to Central Alborz Mountains

There are still many peaks in Central and western Alborz that are not shown on any map or even have not been named! These peaks are sometimes even more attractive and challenging than the famous ones and need much more work to be done.
Some of the most amazing of these peaks are the ones in Siyalan area. Chaleki(also called Teraz Peak in some maps) is the last peak on the northern ridgeline of siyalan. The farthest from it.
It can be climbed from the north route starting from Haloukaleh village or from the west route which starts from Daryasar. The route is same from Daryasar to the saddle between Chaleki and Kangarchal and when reaching the saddle north route goes to Chaleki and the south one reaches Kangarchal and Yaan.

Winter Condition


In summer its possible to climb the peak in one day but in winter it really depends on the amount of snow. I will write about this more detailed in the trip report of Chaleki, Kangarchal and yaan.
See the Shepherd house under snow? This makes winter ascends very hard in the area sometimes.
Because the slopes are toward west and north west it might even become impossible to climb in winter when the snow becomes too deep.


Our GPS showed 3000 meters on the summit but I have seen 3082 and 3100 on two different maps before.

Siyalan Northern Ridgeline

This ridge line seperates Dohezar valley from Sehezar valley. While on Chaleki you can see Lashm peak and many other parts of Sehezar very well. You can even descend to Sehezar instead of going back the same way.



While passing Teraj jungle between Daryasar and Teraj-e-Sera you can see Kandigan on the SouthWest and a little later Khanehbon peak.

Getting there

Tehran- Tonekabon- Dohezar Road- Eselmahalleh village(N36.36331/E50.43878) and from there you should start trekking.
You can find more information about the area onSiyalan page by Nader.
Also the pages about Kangarchal peak, Yaan peak and the trip report of the three peaks may be useful.