Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Lat/Lon: 34.27360°N / 117.5492°W
County: San Bernardino
Activities: Hiking
Elevation: 6089 ft / 1856 m


Chalk Peak

Chalk Peak stands at 6089 feet above the north fork of Lytle Creek in the eastern San Gabriel Mountains. The Hundred Peaks section of the Sierra Club use to climb Chalk Peak but delisted it due to the old shooting range that use to butt up against it's lower slopes. The shooting range has been moved to the opposite side of the road now and there is little danger of being shot. The peak has amazing views of the rugged backside of the Cucamonga Wilderness. All routes require hikers to break through the dense Whitethorn brush that chokes out the river bed and lower slopes of the North Fork of Lytle Creek.

Getting There

Take the I-15 through Rialto to the Sierra Avenue Exit. Turn to the west and continue on Lytle Creek Road for about 7.5 miles. You have gone .5 miles to far if you reach the shooting range where the pavement ends. The peak is the summit just across the river bed overlooking the road. Park at a turnout without blocking the road.


The peak can be climbed from the west slope and the east slope/ridge. Currently the most brush free route would be the east slope/ridge. Paying close attecntion to detail on a topo set across the riverbed and head for the east ridgeline of Chalk. Deep thickets of whitethorn and other brush will be encountered. You may end up crawling under some sections of brush. Once you gain the base of the ridge you should be able most more quickly with periodic brush encounters. After reaching the summit descend the way you came. Especially do not descend the northface, it is incredibly dense in whitethorn.

Round trip is around 3 miles with 1800 feet of gain.

Red Tape & External Links

You will need a Adventure Pass to park at the turnout. Adventure Passes are available at many gas stations and grocery stores along Lytle Creek Road at the Exit from the I-15.

Go to San Bernardino National Forest for current conditions.

Chalk Peak was on the Hundred Peaks List.