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lasvegaswraith - Aug 17, 2007 8:15 pm Date Climbed: Apr 27, 2007

SLT  Sucess!

Not much snow this year. As this mtn. is in the backyard (no, not literaly), I make 2-3 summits early season to train. Still a great slice of mtn. scenery, aspens and all, in the middle of the desert.


rlawson - Jul 18, 2007 1:34 pm Date Climbed: Jul 13, 2007

Ascent via South Loop/Descent via North Loop  Sucess!

A lucky Friday the 13th hike with buddies Ed and Ben. We enjoyed perfectly clear skies, little wind, and warm temps all the way. We took a leisurely 8.5 hours to complete the round circuit. It was bone dry all the way too--not at all like my July 2005 trip.

Matthew Holliman

Matthew Holliman - Jul 11, 2007 1:48 am Date Climbed: May 21, 2007

North Loop/South Loop dayhike  Sucess!

Somewhere between Lee Peak and Mt. Charleston is where the North Loop trail started to get beautiful, and it stayed like that for most of the way back via the South Loop. Really nice area--shame my camera batteries ran out right around there. :-(

The summit was cold and windy, so I didn't spend long up there. Oh well. I'm pretty sure I'll head back here again sometime.


sierragator - Jun 9, 2007 10:01 pm Date Climbed: Jun 9, 2007

Good day on the mountain  Sucess!

Summited via SL in 3 hours, 1:20 from summit over to the summit of Griffith. Back down to TH by 2:00.


MoapaPk - May 8, 2007 8:26 pm

many times  Sucess!

Many times by many routes.


diane - Mar 5, 2007 7:07 pm Date Climbed: Sep 10, 2006

south loop up and back

hiked to the meadow day one, enjoyed an overnight on the mountain, summitted the next morning.


vtgrasso - Feb 14, 2007 3:26 am Date Climbed: Jan 14, 2007

North Loop/Trail Canyon trail

Late start and no plan to bivouac led to me not summiting but still a great winter day alone on the mountain. Snow above 10K left me postholing a bit but I really enjoyed it and plan to return for another try in winter.

Anya Jingle

Anya Jingle - Jan 14, 2007 1:25 am Date Climbed: Sep 17, 2006

Via North Loop Trail  Sucess!

This was my 47th time on the summit of Charleston Peak and I still enjoy this mountain a lot.


Steve-hamilton - Jan 4, 2007 10:34 pm Date Climbed: Jan 1, 2007

Old Year/New Year Day  Sucess!

Bob Potts and I Spent New Year Eve on the south ridge and summited Charleston New Years Day @ 0900 hrs.


SusanM - Oct 31, 2006 1:57 am Date Climbed: Oct 29, 2006

Via Lee Canyon to North Loop

This route shaved a lot of time off the normal trails. More snow would have made this route a lot more fun. It was a challenge to go through the avalanche debris with limited snow. We couldn't get a great axe hold and mostly climbed class 2-3 with a few icy steep slopes. This route is best left for mid winter.


forjan - Oct 26, 2006 4:45 pm Date Climbed: Oct 21, 2006

East Face  Sucess!

Climbed with Tina. This was my 3rd time up this route. Started from Mary Jane Falls T/H at 7:00am. Reached the summit by 11:45am. Spent almost an hour at the top. Descended the SLT.

Route Climbed: East Face
Date Climbed: March 20, 2006

Climbed with SP'ers mdostby, Matt K and Kevin Cannon. Started from the Mary Jane Falls trailhead at 6:10am. Kevin and I summited by 1:33pm under white-out conditions....again very windy and cold at the summit. Didn't even bother signing the summit register. Left summit at 1:37pm. Back at the Mary Jane Falls trailhead by 4:55pm. We had much tougher snow conditions (lots of trail breaking) that when I climbed on January 14, 2006. Still a fun day in the mountains with friends.

Route Climbed: East Face
Date Climbed: January 14, 2006

Climbed with Steve-hamilton, mdostby, awagher and ming21. Started at 6:15am or so. Summited by 12:35pm. Cold & windy at the summit. Back athe Mary Jane Falls trailhead by 4:30pm. The East Face is a great and quick route to the summit of Charleston Peak. Enjoyed it greatly. We had easier snow conditions compared to my January 2004 epic.

Route Climbed: via a NE ridge from Kyle Canyon; descent via circumnavigation of Charleston down to Trail Canyon
Date Climbed: January 3, 2004

This has been by far just about the most grueling and exhaustive climb I've done (...and I've done my share of climbs this past 2 years: several California 14ers as day climbs, got to the top of the East Horn of Mt Williamson, CA in winter via the NE Ridge, summited Mt Whitney in full winter conditions, plus others). The reason for all this was deep snow and routefinding without a map. I broke trail for approx 3000 vertical feet on 3-foot powdery snow. I had my snowshoes from the start all throughout the day basically. TR here.

mlarkin2002 - Oct 10, 2006 3:06 am Date Climbed: Jul 4, 2005

South Loop Dayhike  Sucess!

South Loop dayhike with Mummy Mountain tagged en route.


redsplashman23 - Oct 1, 2006 3:09 am Date Climbed: Sep 30, 2006

Charleston Peak Via Lee Canyon  Sucess!

Tough hike going up "the Line" ski run, then went to the left up a 1000+ elevation gain over .6 miles up a chute. Then it was just along the north loop trail to the summit. Came down the same way. It was rough watching my step down the chute and trying to avoid stickers on plants.

Hiked again via Trail Canyon. 5-12-07

LV Hiker

LV Hiker - Sep 13, 2006 2:42 am Date Climbed: Sep 10, 2006

Via the South Loop Trail  Sucess!

I summited this peak with about 10 other folks. We went up to the ridgeline Saturday and camped in the meadow. The following morning we summited. Weather was great just a little breeze and the sun was out most of the time...just occasionally ducking behind a cloud.


boisedoc - Sep 12, 2006 4:48 am Date Climbed: Sep 1, 1998

Big change from Vegas  Sucess!

Trail to the top. Bristlecone pines along the trail are a highlight. Second ascent in May 2003 on the snow was quite a bit more grueling.


kngalaric - Aug 9, 2006 4:17 am

2004 Loop Trail

This is a very zen-like experience. The brutal climb up the mummy mountain side is excellent, and the walk stays above 10,000 feet until you begin your final descent back to the road. Wonderful. Bristlecones are stalwart and god-like!


kelseymkrause - Jul 25, 2006 4:51 pm Date Climbed: Jul 22, 2006

Big Falls  Sucess!

I climbed via Big Falls route. It took 2 hours and 45 minutes to get to the summit. There was hail and lightning at the summit. Took the south loop down so that I could see the plane crash. Great climb.


madmallard - Jun 24, 2006 3:36 pm Date Climbed: Jun 18, 2006

via south loop and griffith  Sucess!

day two in my quest for four ultra-prominence peaks in four days brought me to charleston peak. this peak was much more lush than hayford. the, little mentioned, false summit provided a some frustration before reaching the summit to what was otherwise a relaxed, uneventful climing day. also bagged griffith on the way out.


Guilty - Jun 8, 2006 5:20 pm Date Climbed: Jun 2, 2006

North Loop to Summit down South Loop to Griffith and back to North Loop Trailhead.  Sucess!

Nice weather, with a little snow on the North Loop Trail. Stop at the plane wreck while heading back on the South Loop Trail and took some pictures. This was a big 'circle-loop' hike that I did under 8 hours.


DonnieB - Jun 7, 2006 9:40 pm Date Climbed: Jun 5, 2006

via Big Falls  Sucess!

Perfect weather w/ a nice breeze and good company make for a great day. Big Falls is really flowing and several snow patches in avy chutes made for fun glisade on the way down. Lot's of other large falls are flowing on the way up that are seldom seen. Big Falls is approximately 7 miles round trip w/ 4000' plus of elevation gain and one of the most direct routes to summit.

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