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What is this page?

I am writing this page for thanking my very nice new friends in SPITAK rescue club in Armenia. The people who tought us mountain rescue in a 5 day program but I dont want to appreciate them for that!!
I want to thank them for their kindness and humanity.Thank you guys for being what you are, so kind, so gentle.

Summiting Mount Aragats

After we summited the south summit of Aragats our SPITAK friends gave us a summiting gift, a very nice 2008 calendar with pictures of ARAGATS. The pictures of the calender are shot by a great member of SPITAK Mr Vladimir Saroyan. Thanks to him and all other guys.
As an appreciation I am going to write the biography of ARAGATS written in the first page of the calendar in here. Hope to help as much as I can in Introducing Armenia and Aragats to the people of the world.


The highest mountain within Armenia is mount Aragats. The circumference of the base of mount Aragats is over 200 km. It is an extinct Volcano and its four summits are remmants of the huge crater that once existed. The northern summit is 4090m, the eastern - 3901m, and the southern - 3879m, and the western - 3989m. There are regions where winter lasts for seven months.Temoeratures may plummet to -41 C. In the Aragats the first snow may fall by the end of september and cover the ground untill june. The snow cover may be 2 meters thick. Aragats accumulate huge ammounts of of water, which, thanks to a number of artificial reservoirs, is used for irrigation. Summers in such areas are short and cold as in Polar circle...a paradise for tourists and mountaineers. In many places, the snow cover remains the whole year long and glaciers are a common feature.
There are many spectacular mountain lakes such as Kari, Lessing and Kapootan.
Aragats- one of the cradles of Armenian civilization. Thousands of rock paintings, and dozens of veeshap(rock statues in form of fish)are found here. The animals graze in these pristine meadows until the start of the cold weather in fall. Products from here are ecologicallay clean and remarkable for their especially high quality.

Some of our new friends

Vahe, Mekhi, Gevi, Dr, serjh, nelson, yulia and all other nice friends from SPITAK Rescue Club, thanks for everything!