Cherry Creek BM

Cherry Creek BM

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Great Peak

A register with a view

In June of 2012, Ken Jones and I followed in the footsteps of Castlereagh by using the information he put up on this summitpost page. His many great pictures and description of the route served us well in our effort to find our way to the top and I must admit, this was one of my favorite peaks that we did in 2012. First there is a brush bash to get to the key canyon that goes almost all the way to the summit. Then there was the thunderstorm that raged above us as we were making our way but was fortunately gone by the time we got to where we would've been exposed to its fury. The wind still remained but almost on cue, died down just as we reached the summit. What we found up there was not only a hidden benchmark, but an old surveyor's tripod, still standing and in decent condition. The register we found was placed in 1999 and contained the signatures of many of our friends and fellow prominence peakbaggers. In order to preserve the pages of the register, I took pictures of them and they are presented here in this album. The concept of climbing a peak because it has a certain amount of prominence is relatively new, and so almost all those who signed in were interested in this mountain for the same reason we were, its 3700' of prominence.

Also, since this mountain is well over 10,000 feet high, it is a great mountain regardless of its prominence and worthy of any peakbaggers attention, be they prominence seeker or not.

Register pages

There were 5 pages in the register when we found it. Placed originally in 1999, we found entries as you can see in the pages below from 2002, 2003, 2009, 2010, and 2012. Another resource,which includes a couple more not in the register page pics can be found HERE.

Cherry Creek BM register 1  
Register page 2  
Cherry Creek register page 3  

Cherry Creek register page 4  
Cherry Creek register page 5  
Ken at the Cherry Creek BM summit  


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