Children of the Moon ..

"Pay no attention to the writing on the wall,
The words seem empty, 'cause there's nothing there at all.
We let the wise men beat the drums too soon,
We were just children of the moon ..."

Unlike House Mountain, Hackberry Mountain spent much of its active life as a highly viscous, highly explosive, silica-rich volcano .. of the same type as St. Helens and Vesuvius. There is also evidence that it erupted as a shield volcano, at least part of its life.

During its quiet periods, it spewed smooth basaltic lava.

It spawned unusual formations called fumaroles. They are the result of hot volcanic ash falling on a surface that is saturated with calcium-rich water, such as the shores of the former "Lake Verde."

After being exposed to the air, they took on their unworldly shapes.

March 30, 2011


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